Monday, July 16, 2012

Working hard to overcome me.

This past week I worked my behind off!  Really, I did!

I pushed myself hard on the running app.  I chose food carefully almost the entire week!  We even had a little date night at Applebee's, and instead of opting for my usual (something with delicious mashed potatoes!) I opted for a salad...dressing on the side.  I was surprised, I actually ate very little of the dressing!  Yay!

Then, there was Saturday night...we opted for Cafe Rio, and I was STARVING!  That was my one weak moment this past week.  I gave in to the pork salad.  It won.  And I'm not even going to lie, it was delicious!

I weighed myself before Saturday though...and it seems all of the hard work I was doing was not registering with my body!  So, I've opted to skip a week on the scale.  Not because I've been bad, but because I've been super good this past week (minus my one transgression).  You see, even after eating Cafe Rio, I pushed myself physically to make up for it.  I started wearing my Nike Fuel Band again, and this was the result of JUST SATURDAY:

That's right...I had over 20,000 STEPS for the day!  I burned 1,734 calories!  (Yes, my daily average is low..I haven't been wearing it all month...)  But it was my BEST DAY YET for the app!  I ran on the treadmill, I busted myself around the house cleaning all day, I walked that night outside, and I ran again!  Seriously, I'm still sore from Saturday!  So my little Cafe Rio slip up was not such a slip see, I still have to eat the things I love.  Just not all the time!  

But, back to my scale dilemma.  After working hard all week, focusing on my running...focusing on my eating...I'm afraid if I step on the scale and don't see a significant loss I will be crushed!  I know the work isn't always seen immediately, but it should be!  And it's discouraging if I don't see it.  And right now I'm kinda fragile.  So I'm going to work hard again this week....then I PROMISE I will post a weight next Tuesday come good or bad!

I am feeling too good right now when I run to jeopardize stupid head games!  The weight will fall off eventually, I'm confident...but I know I haven't been consistent for very long yet, therefore my body needs to catch up to my work.  (Call it an excuse if you want...but I don't think it is.)  (I think it's me realizing the scale can't always determine me, and I have to overcome that side of me...)

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