Monday, July 23, 2012


On Friday I was able to take my run outside for the first time.  I was all sorts of excited and felt "free."  Typically I'm on the treadmill working out, so this was new and exciting.  I wasn't completely confident in myself though...I didn't know how I would do without a treadmill to keep me going....

Boy, was I surprised!

Let me start by saying until this point, I was running my app runs above a 13:00 min/pace.
Monday, my pace was 13:17 min/mile
Wednesday, my pace was 13:11 min/mile

Sooooo.  Friday, I hoped for about the same.

I got done with my run, stopped the mapmyrun app and was shocked to see a message pop up...
"AlishaBowling has a best time...

My pace:  12:18 min/mile!

I knocked my old pace OUT OF THE WATER by a full minute!

I was ecstatic!

The scale was liking me, my runs felt good, I enjoyed Zumba...seriously, could anything go south?

Well, it did.  And I still can't figure out why!

Saturday morning came, we had family visiting.  (And I may have made delicious french toast.)  But I followed the french toast with another incredible Zumba class!

Sore doesn't even explain my hamstrings...

That day I felt I was eating decent...I didn't over do anything!
That night, I jumped on the treadmill again...although, my pace was SUPER SLOW because I was so sore from Zumba!  It was all I could do just to finish...
I finished the day with my "Best Day Ever" on my Nike Fuel Band with 5,556 fuel points!

So, you can imagine my shock when I woke up on Sunday UP!  Seriously, UP A LOT!
I may have began cursing at my scale.  I may have felt a bit defeated.  I mean seriously, I worked out SO HARD this past week...and on the day I worked out the hardest, how could I be up like 3 or 4 pounds the next morning?!

I hate my scale.

I rested yesterday, all day long.  My knee was super irritated from all the squats at Zumba.  This morning I'm feeling a lot less sore, but I still hate my scale!

What the freak people?!  I feel like I'm putting in so much work but I can't break out of the stupid 180's...It's like I'm destined to be here forever.  I'll loose a little to get me down to like 180.1 and then I'll push it REALLY HARD trying to get over that hump...and then the next day I'm back up to 183.  This cycle sucks.

It sucks bad.
And it makes it really hard to stay focused on the end result because it feels like no matter how hard I try, I'll never get the end result!

I mean really, it's not like I just started last week!  This is my 4th straight week of exercise and counting calories and I have practically NOTHING to show for it except sore muscles.

When will the scale be rewarding me?

Any thoughts?  Anyone remember how long it took for the scale to start dropping after you started getting consistent?  I realized I've done this before, but it seems like when I did...the weight fell off starting week 1.  (And I was losing at least 2 lbs a week...)  Now I'm lucky not to gain 2 lbs a week...



  1. I am no expert by far but are you watching carbs? They can quickly destroy the progress of a work out from my experience. A piece of bread here or a bowl of cereal adds up quick. Stay away from anything white and see of that helps. Keep working hard!


  2. I'm so sorry Alisha! How frustrating! It is so hard when you are working so hard and it doesn't seem to be paying off. I almost gave up awhile ago too. It took me a couple of months to see any difference at all. Keep at it girl! You can do it! It will happen!
    Monica Keller


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