Thursday, July 12, 2012

What's cookin?

I guess you could say me, considering this was the temperature reading from my car yesterday...

But that's not what this cooking post is about.
It's about me, Alisha, actually cooking something healthy for my family. 

Yes, I know you are thinking...'how could pizza every be considered healthy'
The secret: 
no, it's not the pepperonis,'s not the low-fat cheese
but YES!  It is all in the cauliflower crust I made.

Yes peeps, you read that right.  This crust was made exclusively from ground up cauliflower + one egg + a little cheese.

Yesterday was my families first time trying it.
Me, well, I had my first taste when I was up in Salt Lake visiting my family.  
You see, my amazing brother has turned into quite the health nut!
(And it's done him well...he's down like 50+ pounds...maybe up to 60 by now...since May)
(Just know he's shrinking, and he's smaller than I ever remember him!)
You might be asking how he's done it, because I know I sure grilled him!
He's been super careful with what he eats mostly.  
Yes, he's added in walking a lot of nights...but he has realized that losing weight is almost exclusively in regards to what you eat!  
Sure, exercise is important...and I'm not trying to down play that!  But really you aren't doing much for yourself if you aren't eating healthy for your body.

PHEW, that was a keyboard full.

Now, back to the pizza...
When I ate the pizza, I was super surprised and impressed!  
I thought it was DELICIOUS!

So I bought the ingredients and decided to make it for my family.
I will be honest with their reactions...
Jason:  watched me make it....took a bite and gave me an ick face.

Tata:  did NOT watch me make it...took a first bite, loved it.  Took more bites and said she did not like it.  (Kind of a usual conversation about food at our house.) (But she ended up finishing both of her slices.)

Monkey:  also did NOT watch me make it...took a first bite, also LOVED it.  Took more bites, and more bites.  Finished her whole 2 slices, then when I asked if she liked it she said no.  (hmmmmm.)

ConMan:  it wouldn't have mattered if he did watch me make it...he took a bite when it was fresh out of the oven and he didn't like the texture.  After I let it cool on the pizza stone, I tried again.  He ate all I had to give him.

(Note:  ConMan is my LEAST picky eater...infact, he will eat pretty much food included.)

(Second Note:  Tata is my PICKIEST eater!  It is a battle every night at the dinner table with her.)

(Third Note:  If your husband doesn't like cauliflower, my advice...don't let him watch you make this!  He will have a preconceived opinion.)

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