Friday, March 16, 2012


This pretty much sums things up!
They are all hard, I want to do the hard where I feel the best though.
To do that, I have a lot more hard to go through to get there....

The good news:  Today is day 3 of working out like a boss AND tracking everything I eat.  
And what do you know, the scale is like magically moving in the right direction.....

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Only looking forward...

I am in DESPERATE need for an intervention!
I'm tired of self-sabotaging.
I have played the poor, pity me game for long enough.
When I play the pity me game about my weight loss, I usually begin emotionally eating.
Then my weight goes up more.
Then I pity myself even more!

See the cycle?

I've worked too damn hard to lose this weight and I'm tired of it slowly coming back on.

So I give myself a month.  
I can do anything for one month!

You see, despite my lack of attempts at weight loss...I've still been paying for Weight Watchers EVERY MONTH!  49 DOLLARS!

So, it's time to do something.  I have given myself one month.
One month to track.  One month to move more.  One month to see what the scale does.

You see on April 15th, 2011 I gave birth to Monkey Man.  That will mean that for one straight year I have been on this weight loss roller coaster.  And I'm tired of the climb...I'm ready for that mind-blowing drop!

So, if I'm not motivated enough to focus on the basics in the next 4 weeks...on April 15th I can't afford to stay at WW any longer and will have to quit.

I don't want to quit.  I know I need WW!  In the past few months that I've been dabbling with my goals I've gained.  I know what I need to do.  And today I refocused.

I am embarrassed by my weight as of today.  I'm ashamed of how much I let the scale go up!  I will "officially" weigh in next week after I've pushed myself for a strong full week.  (I just can't bare to put today's weight up on the board!)  (What I once was SO PROUD OF, I am not completely embarrassed of!)

One week from now, I will have a new scale (that is trustable) and I will post my accurate weight.
One month from now I will reevaluate my efforts....

Oh boy do I need an intervention!
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