If pictures paint a story, here's mine:
(I'll add more as I find more, but this should get you started...)

Me at my heaviest, and also my breaking point.  (Having to wear maternity clothes when I WASN'T pregnant because I was THAT BIG.)  
Summer 2009, 233 pounds.

Family pics 2009:

January 2010:  still big as can be

Spring 2010, family vacation (still hovering at 233 pounds)

Brother's wedding winter 2010
Now pregnant, but pregnancy is no excuse for fatness!

June 2011:  2 months post baby

 July 2011:  trip to visit Jason in SC while he was training back there for 3 months:

Also July 2011.  One of my favorite pics of myself to date. (probably 180ish)

December 2011, Marco Island with Jason 

 Family pics November 2011:

And just for a little side-by-side comparison...


  1. You look awesome! Congratulations. I have lost 64 pounds (29kg) in 4 months and need to lose another 55 pounds! It's coming off steadily and easily. Yay!

  2. WOW Alisha you're awesome...totally inspiring!


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