Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Can this be?!

Remember how back in March I said I was back?  Well, apparently I was lying.

It's been a tough semester.  And I've had to keep my head in the books to stay focused.

But today, TODAY is May 2013!

I literally had to stare at my calendar for a long while this morning in disbelief.

Why?  Because you see 2 years ago I knew I was starting one of the hardest programs out there....the nursing program.  But not only was I starting the program, I knew I was starting it alone.  I knew for the next two years I was going to be alone....a lot.  And I have been.  I knew I was going to have to carry pretty much all the household and children responsibility on my shoulders as my husband was going to live away from us for much of the next two years.

I knew that 2 years sounded like pure hell....but I was willing to go through hell because I knew the payoff would be great.

Back in 2011, May of 2013 seemed like a joke.  It seemed like it would NEVER come.  It seemed like a far off dream of a beautiful day.

And today, it's here.

Today is May 2013.

And for two years of my life I have been dreaming of this month!

The month I graduate nursing school, the month we sell our house, the month we buy a new where we will be living together as a WHOLE family again!  The month we pack to celebrate in Hawaii.

All of those things have been being planned for the last 2 years of my life.  And now, it's here.

Today is May 2013.

Despite all the hard, ugly, lonely, frustrating, and difficult times....I made it.  My kids made it.  And it looks like even my marriage made it.  (That may not seem like an accomplishment to some, but you should try living apart from your spouse for the majority of two years!!!)

We have a lot of reconnecting to do as a family.  And we plan to start that on the beaches of Oahu.

While this may have been the hardest, loneliest two years of my was also two years that I realized my potential.  I realized I could most certainly face hard in the face and kick its ass.  Because that's what happened!

And while I would probably question ever turning the clock back and doing it again, I can stand here today and say I am so glad I didn't know just how hard it was going to be!  I am glad I just put my head down and went to work.  Because look where that has gotten me now!!!

And you may be thinking, 'that's great Alisha...brag about your life, it doesn't really apply to me.'  If you are thinking that, you are wrong!

We all have choices to life, in weight loss, in marriages, in friendships.  We all can choose our path.  And sometimes we want to choose a path that is hard, and sometimes we don't realize just how hard hard is!  The lesson to be learned is this:  No matter the path you are on, no matter the goal you have for yourself....put your head down and get to work!  No hard work is ever left unrewarded!

Let me repeat....

No hard work is EVER left unrewarded!!!

Not in weight loss, not in relationships, not in life.  Maybe the reward doesn't end up being what you intended, but there will always be a reward for the effort and hard work you put into life!

So make May your month too!  Take May 2013 by the horns, and show it who's boss....

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