Wednesday, April 13, 2016

April update

Things have been a bit crazy around here.  Right now I've been trying to juggle about 283572983 balls.

I have still been plugging along.  I just haven't had a second to update on here.  I started school again in March and it, along with work and being a mom/wife has kept me busy!  We've got kids in sports which also means games/practices ALL.THE.TIME.

With all that on my plate, something has to give.  And the fall out has been the blog.  Usually when I stop posting on here it means I've been neglecting my health.  This time, that is NOT the case.

Just yesterday I hit my 72 day streak for my daily working out.  I weighed in April 1st (as did Jason) and have our results for the first quarter.

Alisha's total weight loss for the first quarter of the year:  26.3 lbs
Jason's total weight loss for the first quarter of the year:  38.3 lbs

Not too shabby, right?!

Since April 1st, both Jason and I have been plugging along.  But the scale has been slow to move.  Or, even worse, it's moved back in the wrong direction.

We decided this last week to start something new. Clean Eating.

Now, let me start by saying I felt like I was a pretty good eater 80-85% of the time.  But that 15-20% would always set me back and I'd get so frustrated!  I constantly found myself saying 'why is it so freaking hard to lose weight and with one meal I can jump back up 8 pounds.'

So Saturday we went shopping and bought everything we needed to begin following a meal plan from Clean Simple Eats.  40 days of clean eating is what we committed to.

A) It was expensive.  Why is "healthy" food so freaking much!?
B) I was worried about the recipes.
C) While grocery shopping, I felt like I had a huge sign across my face saying "I'm clean eating STUPID" while in the health food isles.

But we managed to get all the food and start.

Now, Saturday night we did cave and order pizza one last time.

Sunday morning, we weighed in and took pictures as we started this 40 day journey.  I feel like my weight was higher than is fair to report because of the pizza/bloating/water retention.  But I can only go off what the scale says.

3 days in and I'm LOVING the results.  I'm LOVING LOVING LOVING the food!

We've had one recipe that I can say I had to choke down.  Every other meal has been delicious!

And, 3 days in and I'm already down 8 pounds from when we started.  Jason is down over 10.  Now some of this could be because our bodies are being "shocked" into clean eating, especially after pizza Saturday night.

BUT.  Like I said above, I didn't feel like my eating was all that bad before.  I'd always do a green smoothie in the morning.  A protein bar for lunch.  Then dinner was usually something with high protein and lower carbs.  Snacks would be healthy...fruit or nuts.  I was giving myself one cheat day a week as long as I ate great all the rest of the week.  But that one cheat day would jump me back up a few lbs.

We are committed to sticking with this for 40 days.  I'd love to see where I'm at with my body after continuing to lift weights and do cardio and now adding in ZERO processed foods.

What I'm most excited about?  In the next day or two I should FINALLY be out of the stupid 180's.  I've been dancing around in the 80's for far too long.  And frankly I just really hate the number 8.  I'm ready to fall in love with 170's again....

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