Tuesday, September 11, 2012

One month

What have you been doing in the last month? Me? Here, I'll show you:

The far left was taken Aug 15th then the far right taken today...Sept 11th.

If pictures don't tell a story, what does?

These pictures (and my upcoming trip to Hawaii) have really motivated me to lose these last 20 pounds!

I'm calling it #20bythanksgiving!

That's 2 pounds per week people! Who's with me!?

Wouldn't you be excited to see a number 20 less on the scale before the holiday season is in full force? I know I would!

So join me! Commit to consistency a week at a time and you can be in the "I'm so glad I did" club rather than the "I wish I would have" club!!

Seriously, what's stopping you??


Sure you might have to push yourself, sure it might be hard.  But I promise, you won't regret doing it.


  1. Alisha, great progress! You will be looking smoking for Hawaii! So fun that you have that to look forward too! ~ Jen J.

  2. Wow amazing job! Keep it up <3

  3. You look great, keep up the good work!

  4. You can tell a huge difference!! Good job!
    P.S. I am thinking about doing that St. George half with you... :)

  5. You amaze me with everything you take on.....holy moly....I am in. Im shooting for thanksgiving to lose the baby weight...it's been a year so I am WAY overdue!

  6. Alisha, you look awesome! I'd love to do a #20byThanksgiving with you ;]


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