Monday, September 10, 2012


Like my new widgets?  I do!  :)

I found a fun site, that lets me track my training AND the widgets automatically update on my blog.  I input my running from August (but was too lazy to keep transferring it back from July and June).  Now I can be more accountable in my runs each week.

Today was my weigh in for one of my competitions.  I was down!  yay!

Today's weight:  165.6

I'm hoping by my other weigh in on Thursday I lose a few more.  :)  There are some heavy players in my Thursday competition and I want to keep up with them!

On a happy note...I am 5.7 pounds away from being at a HEALTHY WEIGHT!

I haven't been in the 150's (except for a TINY BLIP in October last year) since right after high school 12 years ago.


Let Monday begin, I'm ready to face this week running!  (In fact, my run was already done today and I felt amazing!)

Show this week who's have the power to overcome your weaknesses!


  1. Keep up the good work. You are doing great. I love you.

  2. Go Alisha!! You will see 150's very soon! That's awesome you're so close to a healthy weight. For my height, it's 145, which is practically goal weight. :/ I'd like to get down to 138 just to say I'm in the 130's.


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