Monday, September 3, 2012

Back on track

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that when you eat out, and add very little exercise, the scale moves up.  GAH!

Well, I put an end to that movement FAST!  I busted my rear end to get back to 168.0 on the scale this morning!  I know my TOM is coming up and my goal is to curb ALL emotional eating and continue with my exercise plan.

I have a plan, you know!

I've formulated my training schedule for the 1/2 Marathon I am running in January.  I'm following the same app I have been and bumped back to week 7 of the 10K runner app.  Once I get through the 10K portion (7 more weeks), it will take me into the 21K runner so I can finish that 13.1 miles!

(Yes, 21K=13.1 miles)

I've even recruited some running friends to sign up for the race!  (Now, I'm accountable!)  Anyone can sign up, the more the merrier!  :)  Mark your calendars:  January 19, 2013.  (A little more than 4 months...EVERYONE has time to train!)

So yes, I have a plan set and I'm going to be the best student and follow it to a "T".

Today I already got my 20 min run in.  Tonight is Zumba, and I'm going to try and squeeze in a little 30DS.  (But if I don't have time in between all the yard weeding, house work, and studying for my massive test...I won't be upset.) out!  I'm gunnin for those 50's!  I know I posted about my September goals.  Well, I might have already altered one of them!  You see, September 29th we are having a lot of family come down for a special event in my oldest daughters life.  I recognize I won't be stepping on the scale for all of them...but I'll know where I'm at.  And I want to be at 159.9 or less by that date.  That's going to take a LOT of focus!  A LOT of nearly perfect eating!  And a LOT of encouragement to stay accountable all throughout this month.

Here goes nothing...

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