Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What's exciting!

Want to know what's exciting to me?

Of course I get excited when I hit a new milestone, have a new NSV, or see my weight drop!  Seriously, I get excited!

But, there's something I get even more excited about...

I get a MILLION TIMES more excited when people around me share their huge milestones!  I get energized when people around me share their journey with me.

Today, I am SO proud of my mom!  She has been working so hard to lose weight.  It's not easy though!  But she has stuck with it through thick and thin!  And after talking with her yesterday I realized what a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE milestone she is about to hit!  One that is 20+ years in the making!

So sure, I get excited for myself....but REALLY!  It doesn't even compare to the excitement I have for my mom!

Keep working hard mom!  I am SO PROUD of you!


  1. What a sweet post! I needed that as I was just looking
    At tomorrows run thinking can I do this. Now I have
    Extra motivation.


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