Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Nuts and Bolts

So I received a LOT of questions regarding what I have been doing to get the results I've seen.

Let me try and sum it up.

But.  Before I do.  Let me say that sadly, every person is different and every body reacts differently.  There is no magic weight loss solution for everyone.  Except this:  burn more than you eat.

With that being said.  Some weeks my body held onto weight a LOT more than others.  Some weeks I lost insane amounts of weight.  It varies.  A lot.  And that's the crapy side of things for someone who is a planner.  I can never expect with the scale, I have to accept instead.  Get it?

So what has been working for me, you ask?

  • I drink.  I have a problem because I drink SO MUCH!  Water, that is.  In fact, I don't drink anything but water!  Usually I'm getting closer to 120 oz a day, but I'm always above 100!
  • I track!  I usually track like a mofo.  I'm a little more relaxed about it on the weekends...but peeps, just because I don't track what I ate in MFP (myfitnesspal) doesn't mean I'm going bizerk and eating everything in sight.  It usually means that I'm swamped with 12 hour clinicals, planning my meals, and finding time to see my husband and kids all together at the same time so actually logging into my app and finding the foods I ate becomes my last priority.  I still make good choices!  I still plan ALL my meals.  Did you read that?  I plan ALL MY MEALS AHEAD OF TIME!
  • The food I eat is USUALLY a good choice.  Sure, there have been moments of weakness.  Who doesn't have them?!  When my mother-in-law sends down See's Candies for the "kids", I realize how little control I have at points.  (Don't worry, Brenda...I only shared a couple with them.)  Typically I try to stick staying away from the delicious  bad carbs.  (You know, the breads, the pastas, the donuts, the pastries.)  I try to stop eating fruit by lunch.  And I smack a full days worth of veggies into my morning breakfast!  (I'll post a sample of my "typical" meals later this week...)  
  • I am very conscious about WHEN I eat my food!  I realize that my body needs more energy in the day when I'm busy running to and fro.  That means my breakfast and lunch are a LOT more filling than my dinners.  Dinner is by far (usually) my lightest meal.  Think about eat dinner and are planning to go to bed a few short hours later.  (And by planning, I mean HOPING!)
  • I say no ONCE at the store rather than having to BATTLE the crap food at home!  Seriously, make that your mantra!  I'm strong enough to walk by those tempting treats once, but when I bring them home and KNOW they are in my cupboard minute after minute...I AM NOT THAT STRONG!  There will always be a fat girl inside me, trying to get her nasty grip on me again!
  • ELIMINATE EATING OUT!  This is the FASTEST way to drop pounds quick!  You have NO IDEA how many hidden calories there are in eating out!  For instance:  I used to LOVE going to Taco Bell.  I didn't think I was ordering THAT much.  My order:  1 bean and cheese burrito, 1 chicken quesedilla, 1 fiesta taco salad.  TOTAL CALORIES.....1,670!!!  You guys!  That is more calories than I should be eating in a day and I was eating it in a freaking meal!!!  Hello!  Even going out to restaurants and "trying to be good" is SOOOO hard.  Can it be done?  Geez, maybe for some...but not for me!  It is difficult to get a meal under 1,000 calories ANYTIME you eat out!  GROSS!

I am a FULL BELIEVER that weight loss has EVERYTHING to do with what you put in your mouth and when!  (Now don't be sending me nasty emails, I know working out is important too...I'm getting to that!)  If you are stalled and doing "everything you can" to eat  Are you taking licks or nibbles of your kids food?  Do you lick the knife after you make your kids a PB sandwich?  I promise, those add up!  

If you are starting fresh and you say, "Alisha, this is all so overwhelming....UGH!"  START WITH YOUR INTAKE!  Be meticulous about portioning out servings.  I use my measuring cups and spoons and my food scale ALL THE TIME!  I know exactly how much of everything I'm putting in my mouth!  Start with your food, TRACK, TRACK, TRACK, TRACK!  You think you can be successful with out tracking?  That might be true for like 0.01% of people.  You need to hold yourself accountable!  It is TOO EASY to sneak a bite here and a taste there and forget.  THEY ADD UP LIKE CRAZY!

So those are my eating tips.  I HAVE been busting my rear end and doing heart-pumping exercises to go along with my eating changes.  I will highlight those tomorrow...(my pathetic attempt to lure you back)  

Hit me up if any of this doesn't make sense and I can go into it a little more!  Or hit me up if you just wanna ask how's the weather in good old St. George, Utah.  :)  

Start today.  Seriously.  There are quite a few people out there reading my blog these days.  (Caught ya!  My stats told me so...)  So to you, EVERY ONE OF YOU!  Start today.  Decide that YOU are important enough to get healthy for!  There are far too many health issues out there caused merely by fatness.  I know, I was at HIGH risk for many of them!  Your bodies aren't meant to carry around extra weightage (yes, I like to make up words.  Sue me.).  You can do this!  Even if you've tried a MILLION times.  Try again!  You are worth trying again and again and again until you get there!  I believe in you, even if you don' use my belief until you find yours!  

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  1. These are great basic tips! Thanks for sharing. I couldn't agree more.


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