Friday, September 14, 2012


My body hates me right now.

Not just a little.

I'm talking, full on I hate you mode!

Yesterday was my oldest daughter's birthday.  She had her heart set on eating at Red Robin and nothing was going to sway her.  She loves their food, but mostly she wanted the servers to sing to her!

I was nervous to go.  I haven't eaten out in a LONG time!  But I went in with a game plan:  only eat 1/2 my food.

As the kids were looking over their menus, I have to say I was quite impressed!  We've really been pushing "healthy eating" in our home.  I am very adamant on being careful about discussing weight loss with the kids because I don't want my girls growing up with a complex.  It is far too easy for girls to get obsessed with weight and I am trying to prevent eating disorders in our family!!  Well apparently, some of the things we say about healthy eating stick!  My birthday girl (who is a chocolate, carb, french fry addict) turned to me and said "Mom, today I think I'm going to choose a grilled cheese with apples for my meal."  I was shocked!  This coming from the girl who would down 3 baskets of fries if we let her!!  I simply said, "Oh, really?"  She then explained, "Yeah, I decided not to order fries because I think it's important to fuel my body with healthy foods."

SUCCESS!  My kids are getting it!  :)

Meals come, and I stuck to my plan.  I even opted for a turkey burger substitution for the meal I ordered.  I stopped myself at 1/2 and felt good.  Maybe a little too full, but manageable.  (I can't even IMAGINE if I had eaten the whole meal!!)

I get a to-go box and we head out.

And if I were to end the story there, you all would be SO PROUD of me, right?!

Well.  Things went sour.  And FAST!

Jason took Mikayla by The Sweet Tooth Fairy for a cupcake (since I didn't get a cake for her birthday because we are celebrating her friend party with a cake).  I knew this was turning ugly.  I knew I would have no self control.

I went in with the girls, and ended up ordering not just a cupcake.  Because really.  That would have been too easy.  Instead, I order myself a CUPSHAKE!  (A full cupcake with mounds of icing, PLUS ice cream all blended together.)  BAD ALISHA, BAD!

Then I ate the whole freaking thing!  (Minus 3 bites that my little guy begged for.)  (And even those I didn't want to share!)

Ugh.  This fat girl has a way of really coming out and making a mess of things!!!

So I got home.  Completely disgusted with myself.  BUT.  I tracked ALL MY FOOD!  All of it.  I was accountable.  (And almost 700 calories over for the day!!)

So what does any person do?  They decide to head to Zumba to make up that 700 calorie deficit.

Now.  Imagine.  Full stomach after leaving Red Robin + Full CupShake + Zumba......

My body HATED me!  I thought I was going to barf at Zumba!  I came home and was feeling the utter resentment my body had for my choices.

But here's the cool part:  I decided that this was a warning mechanism built into our bodies!  If we ignore it, that's bad.  Because eventually our body will give up fighting the crap.  But because I ate bad last night, my body was sending me a warning.  It was telling me, "Alisha...don't do this again.  Bad choices lead to a yucky body on the outside AND on the inside."

I really have no desire at all to eat out again for a while!  I am listening to my body's signals.  It makes me sad that for so long I used to ignore those warnings.  I used to power through the crappy feeling and eat more and more.  ICK!

So my challenge to you:  LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!  Make the weekend powerful!


  1. I have to learn to listen to my body! I am not good at it either! I tagged you over on my blog for the versatile blogger 7 facts :)

  2. I feel the same way after 3 pieces of pizza last night! Not good, not good at all!


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