Tuesday, September 11, 2012


The countdown has begun.

I've posted before about my crazy home-life schedule.

You know the one:  hubby who works out of town Mon-Thur night most weeks, I have nursing school (and all day weekend clinicals).  (In case you didn't realize, that leaves me with Sunday's to spend with my guy...)  Add to that 3 kids who need a chauffeur to/from school, piano, who need help with homework nightly, who need to be fed EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT.  Plus 2 dogs.  You can imagine the housework that gets piled up, the laundry that overflows, and the hair on the floor that I pull out myself!

Yes, the countdown to May is on.

I graduate May 2013!!!

That alone is worth a countdown because FINALLY at that point our family can return to "normal."  We will begin to remember what it's like to see each other every single day.  Weird.

But alas.  That is not the countdown I am referring to.  (Despite how incredibly delicious it sounds!)

I'm referring to the Hawaiian countdown!

Our room has been reserved HERE for quite some time!

And just yesterday we sealed the deal even more!  Airfare = purchased!

May 25, 2013 we will be flying to Hawaii as a family without a care in the world!  We will be celebrating 2 years of pure hell living apart for 70% of that time.  We will also be celebrating my graduating nursing school.  AND, if that wasn't enough to celebrate...my 10th wedding anniversary ALSO falls at that time!  (Can you sense the party we will be having!!?!)

I know, some of you are saying 'why, oh why would you take your kids?'  I contemplated making this a couple thing...a reconnect with my husband after 2 years thing.  But I couldn't do it.  The kids have endured just as much as Jason and I!  So we are all going to celebrate together!

Now, you may be thinking.  Cool beans.  Brag away Alisha.  Why would you post that crap here...to make me jealous?

Yes.  I strive to make everyone jealous.  (insert sarcasm.)

Seriously, the reason I post it here is because on top of all the other celebrating happening on that trip, I also want to celebrate my health!  It is a major push for me to finish losing these last 20 lbs to get myself ready for Hawaii.

No.  I don't know what my body will look like when this journey is complete.  But yes, I will be damn proud of it.  In 20 pounds I will be at the 90 pounds lost mark.  And I'm not stupid.  I know my body won't look like it did in high school.  I know that my stretch tiger marks will always be there.  But I will be proud of the progress I made.  Because it's taken a lot to get me here.  And I still have to bust my butt to get those last 20 off!  In the past I've been embarrassed to go swimming with my kids.  In fact, I've pretty much avoided it at all costs usually.  That is the old me!  I am vowing to be proud of the work I've put in.  I am vowing to PROUDLY wear my swimming suit with no embarrassment, no fear, and no shame!  Sure there will be others who look a lot better than me, but WHO CARES!  I'm gonna celebrate in May some MAJOR milestones in my life and I'm not gonna let anyone take it away from me!


  1. I have my weight loss goal (10 to go) for Hawaii as well! We leave May 10, 2013!

  2. Love this. You are gonna have a blast even with kids! I'm excited for ya!


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