Thursday, September 6, 2012

New Competition

So I'm starting a second weight loss competition today.  That means I have a weekly weigh in on Mondays and another weekly weigh in on Thursdays.

Here's where I get a little frustrated.

Monday my weigh in was 168.0.  On the dot.

Fast forward to Thursday.  I'm up to 170.0

Really?  Can that time of the month affect my weight THAT MUCH?!  Because really, I've been pretty dang good!  Last night I ended up having a second enchilada (homemade) because I was really hungry after being out at school all day.  But I packed all my food, I haven't eaten out at all!  I even passed on cookies and treats.  I've even been consistently working out all week!


I hate blaming a gain on my womanly issues, but I don't know what else it is!

(Although I am weighing in a few different times each week, I will only be changing my information on the ticker and in the sidebar on Mondays.)

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