Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A side dish of anxiety anyone?

The kids are in bed.  Thankfully.  Don't get me wrong, I have FANTASTIC children!  My girls help me out so much that I don't know how I'd survive without them.  But on nights like tonight...you know, nights before TOMORROW my stress levels are THROUGH THE ROOF!  

Luckily, I kept it together for the kids.  I did have to give them the "hey guys, Mom is really ubberly stressed out today because I have a really important test in the morning that I'm super scared about and I really don't want to yell at you guys for not listening, okay?" speech a few different times.  But each time, they were so understanding and calmed right down.  They even went to bed like ANGELS tonight!!

So that brings me to this moment.  The moment when the house is quiet.  (Well.  Almost quiet if it weren't for the damn dog.)

I'm stressing.  A lot.  I should be going over my notes for the billionth time.  I know where the bags of chocolate are that my kids brought home from the M&M factory in Las Vegas while on vacation with their grandparents this weekend.

And here I sit.  Wanting to self-sabotage SO BADLY!  How silly is that?  Thinking FOOD will solve my problems and worries?  Hello!!!  Look where that has taken me in the past...up to 233 POUNDS!  Ewww.

So I sit upstairs, with my lap top.  Studying Blogging.  And deciding that I am too much of a chicken to go downstairs after the chocolate because:
A.  I might see a mouse.
(Okay.  So I haven't seen a mouse in over a year.  The last one we saw, we killed.  But really.  I live in the desert.  In a field.  Where there is a LOT of new houses being built.  So I can only imagine how many mice have been evicted and are looking for a new place to call home.)

And B.  I might see a mouse.
(Was my explanation above not clear?  Maybe I also forgot to mention that IF I see a mouse....I have to take care of it!  ME.  Such is the joy of a husband that works out of town all the frickin time Monday-Thursday night.  Okay, maybe not all the time, but it feels like it sometimes!)

So I guess I can thank my giant fear of mice for my decision to NOT self-sabotage tonight.

Now here's hoping the studying I do the rest of the night will be beneficial, reduce my stress, and will not include FaceBook or surfing Pinterest.

Oh, and a passing grade tomorrow would be great...thanks!  :)


  1. You will rock that test!! The mouse is eating the M&Ms so you really don't want them. ;) We were one of the first houses done in my neighborhood, so I have a huge fear of mice too. I've seen way too many!

  2. How did it go??? I've been thinking about you all day, and hope it went really well. :)


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