Sunday, September 30, 2012

Weekend review

The weekend came and went in a flash!!!
And just like that.  It's over.

Here's the recap.

Family came down to visit.
It was great!
We celebrated Mikayla's birthday in style...
swimming and all!

My mom, my hubby, and I ran the Swiss Days 5K race on Saturday morning.

It was the first race I've ever ran with either of them!
It was fun chatting at the starting line!

As for the race.  I was hoping to finish under the 30:00 mark.
My time:  30:16.  Dang.  So close.
Guess I'll be running another sometime soon!

The rest of the weekend was FULL (jam-pack full) of family time!
Some how the kids found time to play on my iPhone...

Throw SEVERAL temper tantrums...
And lose a very first tooth....
It was a great weekend, the kids enjoyed having their grandparents down...
and now I'm beat!

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