Monday, October 1, 2012

Weigh-in Monday

Today I didn't want to step on the scale.  I feel bloated.  And I was afraid.  I know that time of the month will be here in a few days and I always gain when that hits.  Ugh.

But it was contest day.  For my Monday weigh in's I use my scale upstairs....but it's 2 pounds off.  It's always been 2 pounds off.  (2 pounds off what WW says, 2 pounds off what the wii weighs me in at, 2 pounds off when I weigh a bag of sugar.  2 pounds off!)  Thursday's I weigh in on the wii to keep a log.  I just hate weighing in everyday because when the scale fluctuates I get frustrated.  (Even though I know fluctuation is NORMAL!)

Get my point?  MY SCALE IS 2 POUNDS OFF...

But I weighed in and took a picture now you can do a little math.

Yes.  That means I weigh 156.4 today!!  WooHoo!  Hello October!  Now.  I fully expect that number to go up slightly in the next few days because of my monthly friend.  But hopefully I'll be able to keep the eating in control!

Coming to a post near you soon:  My October Goals!

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