Thursday, October 11, 2012

Oh. Hi.

What have you been up to this week?


I've been busy in pretty much every aspect of my life.  Here's the recap:

  • SCHOOL:  Studied my tail off for a massive nursing test.  (YES!  They are all massive!)  (This particular test have a very low passing far as I can tell only about 5 people actually passed...luckily, I was one!)
  • ME PROGRESS:  I've been a stickler this week to stay on track with my planned runs!  
    • Monday I ran the 3 miles I already talked about (splits 8:50, 11:08, 10:03)
    • Tuesday I ran 8 laps around my little neighborhood for a total of 3.03 miles (splits 9:37, 9:50, 9:27)
    • Wednesday I took the day off from running...I was out at school ALL. DAY. LONG.  Then, last night I was invited to a coed softball game.  I played fast pitch softball in high school and LOVED it.  And have MISSED IT!  So I jumped at the opportunity!  (And I even got a hit!) 
    • Thursday (today) I started the morning off with 3.18 mile walk with the hubby up the mountain behind our house (in 57:47 minutes).  It was a cool morning and loved feeling Fall!  After that I hit the pavement running....I ran 3 miles (splits 9:21, 10:09, 11:00).  My hip was a bit sore and my hamstrings were tight from the uphill walk earlier...but I FINISHED!!
  • MY PLAN:  Tonight...I'll be headed to Zumba for an hour!  Tomorrow I've got a 5 mile run planned and then 2 hours of Zumba tomorrow night.  The Zumba is the Party in Pink to raise money for breast cancer awareness and I'm pumped about it!  :)  The run, on the other hand, scares the crap out of me.  Running is so mental!  And I need to get my head on straight during my run tomorrow.  It's been 5 years since I ran 5+ miles!  5 YEARS!  And before my marathon training, I don't think I had ever run 5 miles!  So tomorrow I'll be stepping up to the plate again....ready to face the anxiety of the 5 mile fear!

Wish me luck!

Now...what's YOUR PLAN for the rest of this week?  How are YOU going to make a step in the RIGHT direction?  Maybe it's a walk?  Or a bike ride?  But seriously, do me a favor......DO SOMETHING FOR YOU!  You deserve a healthy body.  You really do!


  1. You are going to kill that run tomorrow!!
    Smooches xx

  2. Hello I just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award please follow the link to my blog for details


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