Monday, April 2, 2012


Things are still going for me.  Not necessarily bad, not necessarily good.

A few things have changed in the last little bit though....

No.  I'm not pregnant.

But we did add to our home...

Our current work/school/life situations have made it extremely difficult for me to find time to get my runs in for my training.  I have fallen behind!  I have toyed with getting a treadmill for a while now.  But was hesitant.  Real hesitant.

Sure, they are costly.  And they take up space.  And in our home there isn't really a "good" place for one.

But mostly I was hesitant because of our past with treadmills.  When Red (my now 5 yr old) was only a year old we had a scary treadmill incident.  It involved an older sister finding the key to grandma's treadmill.  It involved that same sister accidentally starting the treadmill while Red had her hands on it.  It involved some screaming that I heard from the other room but might have brushed off slightly as I walked SLOWLY into the room.  It involved my heart instantly jumping into HIGH gear seeing Red's thumb stuck between the belt and the plastic as the belt rotated on her thumb over and over.  It involved almost ripping the plastic apart because her thumb would not come out.  It involved a trip to InstaCare, then the ER, then the U of U burn unit.  It involved serious the point we were told she would need plastic surgery and rehab and even at that, we were told the use for her thumb might not fully return.  It involved a 4th degree burn where I could see bone and muscle.

Get my drift?  It was bad!

The good news?  Miracles happen on this earth, even today.  And thanks to a priesthood blessing and many prayers her thumb stumped the doctors and healed on its own.  (In fact, she doesn't even have a scar!)

Sooooooooo.  Needless to say, I have a little treadmill anxiety.  However, because of that incident I have become very aware of the anal mom I am about hiding the key from the kids!

The good news about having the treadmill...I have started and haven't stopped since I got it!  I have started slow, I don't want to get myself injured or anything.  But ran a comfortable run today.  Hopefully soon I will build up to the point I need to be at with a little consistency.

As hard as those first steps can be when I start my exercising...I've found this saying to hold true EVERY SINGLE TIME!

So be like Nike.  Just Do It.  Get up, where ever you are.  Stop putting yourself off!  Just do it.

Like Now.

You!  Yes, you.  Go..........
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