Monday, July 9, 2012

Make it Matter Monday

Monday.  I have been known in the past to dread Mondays.  Now, I find them refreshing.  I find them rejuvenating.  I look at Monday's as a fresh start.

Today I stepped on the scale.  I hate my scale.  Not because it gave me a crappy number though.  I hate my scale because it is UNRELIABLE!  I step on, I step off, I step back on and the number is 10 POUNDS different from the first number.  

Really!  I swear. 

I so curse at my scale.

I then go downstairs and log into the wiiFit.  I know that scale is predictable.  So that is where I will be weighing in at least weekly to get my accountable weight.

I know I have been weighing in on Tuesday's...and I'll get the "official" weight tomorrow.  But I HAD to see where I was at today.  

I was pleasantly surprised, considering I raided a stash of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups last night (read: demolished a stash of Reese's PB cups...)  [hangs my head in shame]

So I honestly thought all the work I did this last week would be a lost cause.  It wasn't.

(Remember I said I found some awesome new apps for my phone?  Well these are pics merged into one pic from the different apps...thanks pic stitch!)

So the TactioHealth app is fabulous.  It lets me put in all my current information.  It then asks me to set a goal for myself....GASP!  So I went big, you can see it on the right long know, that crazy low number that I am shooting to hit by October 31, 2012!  DOUBLE GASP!  It shows me the pounds I have to lose, and the days I have left.  Also, each time I click into the app during the day it gives me step count I should be of 10:19 am I should have 2000 steps (currently, I'm at 108).   But don't worry, as soon as I finish this post I will be on my treadmill making up for lost time......

The graph at the top gives a picture of your weight trends over the last 2 weeks (or in my case from last Tuesday).  There are many other screen shots I could have taken including one that shows my weight history...I'll just give that to you:

Last Tuesday I weighed in at 184.9 pounds....Remember, out of town for almost 3 weeks and that time of the month!?  (Read:  no excuses, I was up and it sucked)

Monday the 9th (today) I weighed in at 182.1 pounds.  Hopefully by tomorrow I can break a 3 pound weight loss for this week!  :)

Lastly, the other picture (the one in the middle...that is so pretty and colorful...) that is from my new best friend.  My 10K runner app...also known as my couch to 10K app.  I already mentioned that I finished my first week, now onto my second.  That picture shows what todays workout will consist of.  (Which is also why I can't be considered a real runner just yet...but I'll get there.)

So now I'm off to get my run/walk on...check back tomorrow to see if I break the 3 pound loss for the week...I promise there will be no self-sabotage with Reese's today!  

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