Monday, July 30, 2012

My To Do List. (Post edit)

Post Edit....I finished the run.  And surprisingly, I felt REALLY GOOD running today!  I can tell I'm getting stronger.  And I can see my pace getting better!  I've gone from a 15:44 pace when I first started tracing my pace (1 week into the C25K) on July 9th to a 12:48 pace today!  Not too shabby.

I don't want to run this morning.  I don't want to run this morning.  I DON'T want to run this morning!!

Did you hear me?

So instead, I decided to jump on here and whine to y'all about it.

I'm supposed to be doing week 5 C25K...what does that mean?  I'll tell you.
It means I am supposed to do a:
5 minute warm up walk.
Then, I'm supposed to run 5 minutes straight.
After, I'll walk for 3 minutes,
followed immediately by a 6 minute run.
I get a short 3 minute walk again.
Then its back to a 5 minute run!
Lastly, I cool down for 5 min.

I posted it for all to read because I need to have a plan.  My plan is to come back and edit this post with a check mark for this task on my To Do list.

Here goes nothing...if I can do hard things, you all better push yourself further today too!!!
I'm just sayin.........

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