Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Do you ever have those days?

Rather, do you ever have those runs?  You know, the runs where your feet feel like 50 lbs bricks EACH!  Or the runs where our knee starts to cramp a bit.  Or the runs when your head just isn't in it?

Yeah, I had all of those today.  I got on my treadmill and started, but I didn't really feel it today.

I wanted to quit.  But I didn't.
I wanted to walk during part of the running portion of my workout.  But I didn't.

You see, I have MADE MYSELF stick with running all of the portion when the little guy tells me to run.  If I start to let myself cheat I know I'll never build up the miles to run an entire race WITH OUT STOPPING!

And that is my goal, you know.

It's not even about how fast (although I'd like to be under the 11:00 min/mi mark by the time I run my "race."  But really, I'll just feel accomplished if I can run the ENTIRE THING!

Did I mention I am working towards a race?  I am.  Not an official race (because I couldn't find one during that time frame) but a race none-the-less.

According to my little app, I'm set to be ready to RUN an entire 5K by August 25th.  Coincidently, that is also the week I start back at school.  I thought it fitting to set that Saturday (the 25th) as my 5K.  I looked and looked online to find an actual official race to run.  There weren't any.  So, instead, I'm making my own 5K that day.  I've mapped the course.  I'm even making Jason go and drop me off at the "starting line."  I thought about finishing it at my house, but then it wouldn't feel like a race.  (Sounds dumb, I know.)  So I'm ending it by a school and park area by our house.  (And I'm making Jason and the kids be at the "finish line" cheering me on.

(Yes, I'm weird.)

But I really wanted this to feel like an official race.  I didn't want it to feel like any other run!

(Oh, and I'm going to do the same type of thing when I get to the end of my app...the 10K run...if I can't find a race then either.)

So each day I run/walk I try to push myself.  I have tried to do better each day to build my time and run a little faster while the app is pushing me to run a little further.

But today, well today I just pushed myself not to stop!

What can I say, some days are like that!

(P.S. Anyone who wants to run a fun easy 5K on August 25th, hit me up and I'll share the route...or for those reading this that are far away...because I know there are many...find your own route up north and run a 5K that day "with me".)  

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