Saturday, July 28, 2012


Have I mentioned I'm tired?

No.  Not tired.


Seriously, my body is telling me it needs sleep...and lots of it.

I was sick earlier this week (you know, body aches, chills, low grade fever).  I think I'm still trying to recover.

But I didn't let my being sick (or my exhaustedness) (go with me) stop me.

I got up this morning and went to Zumba anyway.  And can I tell legs felt like BRICKS!  I felt like I was barely able to move (and I know I looked pathetic...)

But I finished my week....3 runs in my C25K app taking me to week 5.  GULP!  (I'm kinda scared for Monday.)

AND I was able to add Zumba in Mon, Tues, Thurs, Saturday.  Sheesh...if my math is right, that's somewhere around 3400 calories burnt just in my actual exercise moments during the week.

And that's a pound.  Yay.

And that is also why I am now laying on my bed watching others push their bodies hard....I LOVE THE OLYMPICS!  :)

Tomorrow I'm taking the day off from strenuous exercise.  For the past 6 days I've pushed myself and tomorrow I'm going to rest, take it easy.  Maybe go on a LEISURELY walk with my family.

Enjoy the something you wouldn't normally do, hold yourself to a higher expectation...YOU ARE WORTH IT!

P.S.  Since I have a few newbies on here...I thought I'd post a few before and "during" pics over the next few's a sneak peak:

Before...don't know the EXACT weight...but I think FAT covers it.
 (Taken by Studio C Photography)

During (Not YET after)...
December 2011.  I was basically I'm low 170's so pretty close to this size:
(sorry, I STILL haven't gotten used to the idea that I need to take more pics of myself...)

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