Sunday, July 8, 2012

Real Runner

I want to be a real runner.

Really.  I do.

And there are some items I REALLY want (read: wish I could justify as needing!).

So until I can be considered a real runner I will dream on about THIS and THIS.

The belt is a lot less expensive and can probably be added to my "gear" sooner than later.  What I love about the belt (read: what I think I'll love about the belt) is that it will hold my iPhone on my run, along with any fuel I might need as I get into longer runs.

And as for the watch.  I will go to bed tonight dreaming about that watch.  Because really, what real runner doesn't want to be able to track their splits?  And what real runner  doesn't want to know their pace?!  But alas, I'm not a real runner  yet.  I have a long ways to go.  Until then, a girl can dream...

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