Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Set backs...

I stepped on the scale today, only to be greeted by a minor set back.  But set backs are a set up for a come back...right?

Nah, it wasn't that bad.  I was up almost a pound...but I know my body.  I know that as the week goes my weight fluctuates up and down a bit...then by Monday night I usually see a good drop if I've been working hard.

At my last annual check up (almost a year ago) my doctor told me that no one will see a straight downward loss.  It is a well known fact that it will look more like this:

So yeah, I know that by weighing myself everyday I will see the scale on it's little bumps along the road.  After all...what road is completely smooth?  I've not found one, so I welcome the little long as my slope is downward!

Onto better news for the day.  My workout went great.  I'm really loving my time on the treadmill.  Jason comes home today and I'm even more excited that the next 4 days I can take my workout outside in the know, before the temperature reaches insane heights like it did yesterday!  (111!)

As of right now my app says I should be at 3000 steps for the day (in order to be on track to hit 12,000).  Right now I'm at 5847 and counting.  I've realized getting my workouts in during the morning hours is critical for me!  If I don't, I keep putting it off and eventually shrug my shoulders in defeat.  I've realized how much better my days are going by forcing myself on the's addicting, you should try it!

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