Friday, July 27, 2012


I have come to confess my sins.

I did a lot of research last night.  I realized I wanted to focus a lot on building my lean muscle because I know it will help rid me of the fat.  So, I'm wanting to track where I started.

When I pulled the conversion calculators, I realized I needed an accurate weight.

(Get where I'm going?)

So I talked to Jason about it.  I told him my reason for wanting my current weight.  He came up with a solution.  He would bring the wiiFit scale out of hiding, but I had to weigh in not facing the TV AND I had to give him the formula to figure out for me...that way I would avoid the disappointment in seeing my weight.

I agreed (although, my curiosity was killing me!)  (You see, I know my pants are fitting looser so I was adamant that my scale had to be budging.)

But a deal was a I agreed not to look or know my weight.  And believe me, secretly I was glad that Jason was holding me to my word!  I knew I couldn't take much more disappointment.  I knew that I wanted to give the scale time to start moving.  So really, my motives and intent were pure...

I got done.  And here's how the conversation went:

Jason:  "Wow.  I think I might actually want you to see this weigh in."
Me:  "Really, don't mess with me..."
Jason:  "No, seriously...I think you'll be surprised."

So in my head I thought...sweet I'm down a pound or two and he's trying to be nice and get me excited about seeing 180.something....

Boy was I wrong!

I weighed in this morning in the EXACT SAME outfit as I did on Tuesday (just 3 days ago...)'s weight showed me at a LOSS of 7+ pounds?!?  I was at 175.3.


Now some might think that is impossible in 3 short's what I have to say:  It is definitely body was holding on to my weight trying to figure out what I was doing.  Then it realized I was still feeding it regularly, I was burning lots of calories EVERY SINGLE it finally jumped into action.

No.  I don't expect a 7+ weight loss every week.  I swear, I don't.  Hell...I'd be happy with a 2 lb weight loss weekly.  But remember...I went 4 weeks and only saw a 1.something pound loss.

As for breaking my promise....well, that wasn't my intent this morning when I wanted to figure out my body fat percent and my lean muscle percent.  And I was set on having Jason do the calculations to keep the number from me....only, I'm really glad he didn't.  But cheating is I felt I had to be honest and accountable to myself and to anyone who might be reading this blog.

Now, here's the real kicker....can you imagine what would have happened if I had given up and thrown in the towel? was dark, I was frustrated.  I was ready to give up.  But I didn't.  I DIDN'T STOP DESPITE WHAT MY SCALE TOLD ME.  You see, I knew I was doing enough to get results....I just couldn't figure out why they were taking so long to come.

The sky is always darkest before dawn!  Did you hear me....

Push through the frustration and the disappointment....if I am worth it (and if I can do it), then by are SOOOOO worth it and I know you can do it!

As for me and my scale's already boxed up and hidden again.  My 5K is on Saturday Aug 25th and I have decided to wait until Tuesday the 28th (my usual weigh in day) to weigh in.  So I'm still a month from my next weigh in...we'll see how much the scale moves in that amount of time!

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  1. Congratulations! That is soooo awesome I'm so happy for you! You really are inspiring! Thank you for sharing your story. I'm glad I've jumped on board, reading your blog, I'm going to quietly follow you every blog you blog! SO keep inspiring....


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