Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I may or may not have bribed my husband to give me back my scales.  And by bribed, I mean bribed.  :)

I've been more scale responsible though.  I'm not obsessing when I don't see a 10lb drop in one day.  Because really, who expects that?  (Okay, maybe I didn't expect that much...but I did find myself hoping for 2 or 3lbs per day and that just DOES NOT HAPPEN people!)

I asked for the scales back because I'm starting a weight loss competition.  I'm kind of excited.  It's based off weight loss % and the winner each week gets $20 and at the end of 8 weeks the overall winner gets the pot of money (should be a few hundred dollars!)

I also am apart of Mama Laughlins Facebook group where we are having weekly weigh-ins (aiming to lose collectively the weight of a mini-van.)

So.  Without further ado.  Today's weight was 172.6.

I am SO STINKING CLOSE to the 160's it is not even funny!!!

And I will be busting my rear to get there by that 28th of August....I think that's doable!  :)

As far as my relationship with my scale...don't expect more than a weekly weigh-in from me.  The scale varies too much to let my emotions ride on it day-to-day.  I want to reflect each week on where I was 7 days prior...that will give me a true reflection on the work I've done.

You should do the same.  Hold yourself accountable.  Now, go make today sweat-tastic.

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  1. Love this! I basically wrote this exact same post today -- it is time for me to step away from the scale! My goal this week is to not weigh myself again until next Wednesday. I was at 173 this morning, and can't wait to see the 160s! Hopefully we can keep each other accountable!


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