Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday matters.

I always try to make my Monday runs matter.  I figure, I take Sunday off...Monday needs to ROCK!

Today I went out for the first time with a jogging stroller.  

I'll be honest.  I realized stroller running is NOT my favorite.  (Especially UP HILL!)  I like to get my arms into my run and with the doesn't quite work.  But, I do enjoy running outside.  I guess it's a trade off.

Today, the plan was to go for 28 minutes straight.  I was 1/2 through and BAM!  Just like that I rolled my ankle.

I stopped.  I was going to walk home but decided to call for a ride to save my ankle the stress.  (After all, I have a 5K this Saturday I want to be ready for!)  So I hitched a ride home and have been icing it.  

Here's hoping I can get on the treadmill tomorrow to complete that 28 min run.

In other weekend was so/so.  My eating wasn't perfect...but I wouldn't say it was bad either! The scale is sitting about the's hoping I can get the scale to move in the next few days too...

Good times, good times.

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