Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I, Alisha, am a little intimidated.

That's a lie.

I, Alisha, am ridiculously intimidated!!

Monday, I ran (as usual) (increasing my distance and endurance).  I felt good.  My legs felt strong, my breathing was equal and steady.  I was strong.

Today, Wednesday, I also ran.  I did not feel as good.  My legs were sore.  My chest was tight (stupid cold!).  My head was out of it.  But I ran it.

You might be wondering where I'm at in my training?

This week is my week 6 in the C25K (or 10K runner) app.  That means that today I did my 5 min warm up walk.  I then began running.  I ran at 5.7 for 10 minutes.  I then walked at 3.9 for 3 minutes.  I ended with another 10 minute run that started at 5.6 and by the end I was struggling and ended at 5.4.  (Ended with a 5 min cool down)

(Yes, I ran on the treadmill the whole time.)  (Yes, I prefer running outside and can't wait for the kids to be in school next week!!!)

So, that run takes me to Friday.  Friday I will basically be running the same amount of time, only I'll go 15 minutes for one run, then a 3 min walk, then finish with a 5 min run.

This week I know I can finish.

It is next week that scares the pee out of me.  I haven't run 20 and 25 min straight since I ran/walked the marathon YEARS ago.

I realized as I ran today that I am almost 2 weeks out from my 5K.  My stomach did a flip.  I am excited to prove to my head that my body can do this.  But I'm intimidated too.

(I realize that might sound silly to all you professional runners...5K, pshhh it's only 3.1 miles.)
(I'm not professional though.  I'm still learning to be a runner.  And I don't want to die.)
(Actually, dying wouldn't be as bad as stopping to walk....)
(I am afraid I'll give into my stupid head.  I'm doing this to train myself to NOT WALK AT ALL during my races.)

Yes.  I'm intimidated.

*side note...what did you have for breakfast? I had this delicious concoction:

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