Saturday, August 4, 2012

Weekend plans

How do you plan to work exercise into your weekend plans?


Well, we have a huge project (3 years in the making).  We are FINALLY doing our backyard!!  The cement was laid earlier this week for a little patio, the trenches were dug yesterday.  (For the most part.  Tip:  ALWAYS double check your trench lines and make sure they are all dug before returning the equipment you're welcome!)

Today is the labor intensive sprinkler system in 100+ degree weather.

We started bright and early...8am.  That is when we noticed that a couple of the trenches were missed when we rented the amazing trenching machine.  CRAP.  That meant 3 hours of labor intensive digging in rock solid ground for me.  (Jason already had massive blisters yesterday so I OFFERED....although, I hope some of our neighbors were watching as I was dripping with sweat, shovel in my hand and he was standing there watching.  hehehehe)

Hopefully by the end of the day we can make mud with our new sprinklers....because now that we've been back and forth to Lowe's 1,783,642 times today we are dirt it will be for a while.  (Apparently I underestimated costs on this one...don't blame me, this is our first time!)

One day I'll have luscious green day.

And back to working in exercise...don't think installing sprinklers isn't a workout...I burned 809 calories in just 3 hours this morning digging and digging and digging.  (The blisters on my hands are making me pay now...)

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