Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Officially official

I am running for Reggie on the 25th.
Now hopefully I'll be able to do just that.....run the entire thing.

Does running ever intimidate you?
It does me.
I mean, once I'm in the run I'm usually fine.
But thinking about distances scares me.
I'll be driving in my car and realize how far 3 miles is (or 13 or <gasp> 26!).
Then I want to puke.

I mean really.  Puke.

Which is weird.
I mean, I've finished a marathon.
Granted, I did NOT run the entire thing.
I know I ran the first 10 or so miles straight...then it was on and off from there, finishing at some ridiculous time.

But something about the idea of RUNNING NON STOP for THAT long scares the pee out of me.
I keep telling myself to take it a week at a time, follow the program that has been working so well.
But really?  Will it ever NOT be intimidating?
Will I ever be like:  
"Oh.  13.1 miles...I got this."  
or "26.2, watch me bust it out."

Just thinking about running for that many miles straight almost gives me an ulcer.

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