Monday, August 20, 2012

School for blogging

I feel like there should be a class to take on blogging.

You know, how to make your blog look all cute (without it taking 7 hours!).  Or how to respond all fancy like to blog comments.

Heads up, yo:  I'm pretty much blogger stupid.  I have been visiting your blogs when you comment on mine.  But today I realized I can actually respond to your comment through email OR through a thread on the blog.  I KNOW, RIGHT?!

Well, I might be the last one out there to realize this...but I'm with it now.  And if there's anything else I'm a girl out!  :)

P.S.  My "cuteness" is gone from the blog.  I ruined it.  AND, it took me like 3 hours to get it back to what it is now.  So, if I don't touch it for about a year you'll understand why!  :)  #toopoortopayforawebdesigner


  1. I would so take that class! I'd kinda forgotten about my blog until a few days ago, so I dusted it off and went about trying to make it fresh and pretty. I *think* I can finally stop messing with it because everything I broke is maybe finally fixed. I hope?

  2. You are NOT ALONE!!! I hate trying to fancy up my blog to no positive end. Ha, I can SO relate. Love your hash tag. ;)


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