Monday, August 27, 2012


Do you ever get tired of seeing the same set of numbers at the end of your weight?  I do.

I am SOOOOO sick of being in the 70's.  I've been dancing with the low 70's for a while.  Hoovering at 172 ish.

Last Monday I stepped on the scale because I joined a Biggest Loser Competition.  The competition lasts 8 weeks.  We all chipped in money.  Each week, the person with the highest percent of weight lost gets $20.  At the end of the competition the overall winner gets the remaining pot of money.  (Should be a few hundred...not sure of the amount yet though.)

So last Monday, I weighed in at 172.9 pounds.
Today was week 1 weigh in.  I was down to 170.3!  WooHoo!

(I won't know until tomorrow who won the weigh in because everyone has until midnight tonight to send in their results...)

Now back to my original reason for this post...

I am happy, super ecstatic, for a 2.6 loss over the last week!  But REALLY?  Was it too much to ask for 0.4 more?


Wednesday I weigh in for another little contest we are doing (this one, no money is involved.)  (Instead, we are cumulatively trying to lose the weight of an actual mini-van!)

Last Wednesday, I was supposed to weigh in...BUT, it was my first day of school and I plain and simple forgot.  I remembered when I got home, but there was NO WAY I was counting the weight I saw at 6pm that night!

(I ALWAYS weigh in first thing in the morning.  Well, almost first thing.  First thing I usually relieve my bladder, and sometimes I get the kids off to school first.  But I never drink or eat before I weigh in.  And.  I always weigh-in in my birthday suit.  Then there's no question of accuracy!)  :)

So, Wednesday I will weigh in again.  (I know, I'm probably scale-obsessed by weighing in twice a week.)  (But I really enjoy the competitions...and I look at today as a "pre" weigh in for Wednesday.  Then Wednesday keeps me on track for the next Monday.)

(Yes.  I realize I am weird.)

So between now and Wednesday I am going to work hard to eat well and continue running for those 0.4 pound...

You have NO IDEA how excited I will be to see the SIXTIES!!!

P.S.  Did you know that I'm just 25 lbs away from my "goal" weight?!

(And by goal weight, I mean the weight I will re-evaluate my body and examine how I fit into clothes.  Because as I've said before, I'm done letting numbers dictate how I feel.  Instead, I want to feel good in clothes, feel fit and firm.  Not soft and mushy...)

SIXTIES, baby!  Come on, SIXTIES!  :)


  1. Girlfriend, we WILL get into the 160s! I am so sick of the 170-dance, I may throw a party when I see a new number on the scale :)

    I hope you win your work competition!!

    1. You NAILED the 60's this week! Lets throw that party all the way to the fifties (gasp! I haven't really been in the fifties for over 10 years!)


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