Monday, August 13, 2012

Feeling GREAT!

Just got my run in for the morning and I am EXCITED!  Today was my first no walking run.  (Of course I still had my 5 minute warm up and cool down)

So I decided to mark when I began running after my warm up and mark where I was once the cool down started so I could get an accurate pace.

Dun dun dun....

10:48 min/mile on my treadmill (remember, I run faster outside...)



Yeah.  I'm pumped!

Oh.  And in other news...

Yesterday a friend of mine that reads this blog mentioned a 5K that was happening on the 25th.  (You know, the date I was going to calculate my own path...)  THANK YOU LISA!!!!

So, on the 25th I will be Running for Reggie.  I am SOOOO excited!  :) :) :)

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