Saturday, August 18, 2012

One Week Out

I am one week from completing my first ever 5K.

(I shouldn't be intimidated about 3.1 miles after having done a run/walk marathon...but I am!)

It's been a while since I ran 3.1 miles straight...and I'm not talking the fat man shuffle run either!

I set a goal to finish the 5K in under an 11:00 min/mile pace.  (I think, I THINK I am on target to do that!)

Today I ran.  I started tracking after my warm up with a nifty new device.  :)
(More on that later...)

So I know you are all DYING to know how I did right....
You are all DYING to know if I'll be ready for next Saturday, right?

Today I went 2.52 miles of straight running in 25:00 minutes.
My average pace:  9:56 min/mile.  SERIOUSLY!?
My splits were...
Mile 1:  9:58
Mile 2:  9:52
Last 0.52 miles:  10:03 (the last part of my run was KILLER...all up hill!)

So.  In a week from today I have to be ready to add on another 0.6 miles to that run.....and I'm praying I can come in under 35 minutes.

(But I'm praying even harder that I can RUN the whole thing without stopping.....)


  1. Congrats!! Sounds like you are going to do awesome!

  2. Wow, you're so fast! I typically average 12-13 minute-miles. Your "fat man shuffle run" made me laugh! That's exactly what I did on my run today. I kept telling myself to just shuffle to keep from walking too much. :)


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