Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Help a runner out!

I need your help friends.  I just entered a caption contest to win a free race entry into a half marathon here in Utah.  

I enlisted the help of my brilliant friends to come up with a creative one and I think I've got a good one (thanks Marcee!).

The picture and caption:
"Hands down, I'm the fastest one out here!"

Now, I am enlisting YOUR help!  I need to have the most "likes" on my caption comment.  They announce the winner next Monday (5/5) which also happens to be my birthday!  So HELLO!  This makes sense, it can be a Happy Birthday to me...right?
So PLEASE.  Take a moment and go "like" my caption and I will love you forever!

(I made it real easy and you can click "like from this picture below...)

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