Thursday, May 1, 2014

Springing for Steps Results

Guess what?  Today is May 1st!

That means our Springing for Steps is over.  I loved seeing everyone track their miles this last month!  Each of you were so inspiring to me.  You helped push me to do more, achieve more!  Together, we went more than 787 miles!  WOOHOO!!!


How about another round??  If you didn't join in last time, join us this time!  More Miles in May starts TODAY!  How many miles are you committing to?  It doesn't matter if you walk, run, skip, or crawl.  A mile is a mile and you can track however you'd like!

I was quite inspired by my friend Kara who had a big NSV (non-scale-victory) this last month by hitting 100 running miles!  Because of her, I'm going big this month and only tracking the miles I run.  (gulp!)  What I love about this is that each month, I've been motivated to try harder and do more!

What can you push yourself to do this month?  We have 31 whole days to accomplish ANYTHING!  Join me and lets see how many miles we can total!  Let's try as a group to go even further this month!

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