Friday, May 2, 2014

Fitness Friday

I canceled my weigh in today.

Honestly, I haven't weighed in since Sunday.  

You see, Saturday I was down around 203ish - 204ish.  Then I endured the rainy, cold half-marathon. Then the scale showed me at 210.

I hate the scale.

I know after races I retain a LOT of water.  And I'm sure that's what it was.  Buuuut.  I couldn't get in my own head.  So I literally packed the scale up for the week.

You see, I have ANOTHER half marathon tomorrow!  So I needed to worry less about the number on the scale, and more about being smart about fueling my body to be strong for Saturday.

So next Friday, Fitness Friday will continue.  But for today, I'm stretching it out and getting ready for the Provo City Half Marathon.


  1. Can you post the link, so I can record my weigh in? Or maybe you could just put my number in? I'm at 185. Thanks. =D
    I totally get what a bitch the scale is!

    1. I'm SOOO glad you asked for the link. I thought I set it up to automatically include it in the post. But apparently, it didn't. I updated your weight for today. But this is the link just in case you'd like to double check. :) Nice job Tricia! Another pound down, you are always AMAZING!

    2. Thanks, lady. The weekend was um...not good diet wise, so we'll see what this week brings. =)


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