Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Lake Nona Pig Run

Saturday I ran the Lake Nona Pig Run.  Race 4 out of 14 is complete.  The run itself was held in Florida, but I did the virtual option.  The run was done to raise money for the fight agains childhood cancer.  Amazingly, they raised 35,000 for this cause!!!

The run was technically a 5k.  But, I turned it in to a 10 miler.  You know, because I'm crazy like that!  Normally on my long runs, I run a course where Jason drives with me to drop off a car and then takes me to my starting point.  Then I just run to the car without thinking.  This time, I did it a little different.  I found a loop to run, but while I was running it I realized the last 4-ish miles were a steady climb uphill.  

I hate stead climbs.  I would rather have a giant hill to conquer and then have the course level out.  The steady inclines feel like they are never going to end...

I originally planned to do the run in the morning, like I do all my long runs.  Only, I couldn't.  So it became an afternoon run....I HATE afternoon runs.  I feel so much better first thing in the morning.  I like it to be cooler, and mostly I just hate sitting around thinking (or dreading) my long run for the day.  I was worried I'd back out and make some excuse.  But I didn't.  

I set out slow on this run on purpose.  I was trying to follow a set pace each mile.  (I even wrote the times on my arm so I could check my pace as I was in my run.)  The first 5 miles this worked perfectly!  Each mile I was getting faster and faster just as I wanted.  Then the steady incline came and I threw my expected times out the window.  I realized I just needed to finish.  I secretly hoped to finish in under 2 hours.  (which would have been a 12min/mile pace)  I finished just over that (2:07:33).  

I am posting this picture, but just know I hate it.  I see all my flaws.  I have picked it apart up and down.  But because I'm the queen of never taking pictures of myself when I'm heavy...I'm trying to change.  I need to have something to be able to compare back to as I continue to progress.

The medal itself is so cute!  I loved the little piggy...and if I'm being honest, it's this pig bling that was the reason I signed up for the race.  

After this virtual race I was sore.  My hips ACHED.  But I took it easy afterwards and now I'm feeling 100% and ready for my half this Saturday.  (At least I was feeling ready until I saw the weather forecast....cold, and rainy.  Ugh.)


  1. Girl! You look great, and you killed 10 freaking miles! Way to go.

    1. You are SO kind! Thank you. I always love getting your comments. :)

  2. 10 miles! You are a superstar! You totally rock the arm tan lines!

    1. You KNOW those farmer tan lines are DEAD SEXY! ;P


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