Wednesday, April 2, 2014

St. Paddys Race

Back on St. Patricks Day, I ran my very first virtual race.  I wasn't sure what to expect.  But I knew I needed to add some virtual races to get all my 14 races in this year.  This race was done by Fib, Fab, and Lean.  Basically, I signed up then printed my bib for race day.  

With the virtual races, typically you have a range of dates that you can complete your race in.  I had a 3 mile run scheduled for the 17th, so I opted to make that my race day and do a little more to hit the 5k.  

The route I ran was one I had run before.  It started with a long incline of a hill.  But the second half was mostly all downhill.  I wasn't pushing myself, just wanted a comfortable run.  The weather was a bit overcast (as you can see from the picture above).  But I loved the route I ran, because as I turn and come down the hill toward the end of the run I get to see a view that is incredible!  There, in the distance is Mt. Timp and Utah Lake.  Each time I run and see this view, it makes me so grateful for where I live...for what my body can do!

I finished the race in 36:57 (11:48 min/mile pace).  Definitely not my fastest 5k, but I was pleased.  You see, I'm doing this to better myself.  And by getting out there and getting it done, I'm making the progress.

After the race I was mailed this awesome bling.  Normally, they send the bling out to arrive the week you are racing.  However, they had some quality issues with the original race medals and had to have them remade.  I just received my bling last week.

All in all, I was very impressed with Fit, Fab, and Lean's race.  I will be doing another race with them the end of May (only this time it will be a 1/2 marathon).  If you are looking for a virtual race, I suggest giving them a try!  They have a virtual race every single month.  The medals are GREAT quality, the race fees all go toward a charity.  It's a great cause if you're like me and like to run for bling!

(I was in no way sponsored by Fit, Fab, and Lean for this post.  Actually, they have no idea I'm even writing it.  I paid for my race entry, and all opinions are my own.)

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