Friday, April 11, 2014

Fitness Friday

Update:  I've created a google doc where I am tracking my Fitness Friday weight.  Each week I'll post the link in my Friday post.  You are welcome to join me in tracking your weight week-to-week.  You can even put initials for your name if you'd like to keep it private.  (Or even put an alias.)  I left the "start date" un-dated, hoping that people will want to join in and start tracking even if they didn't start back when I did.  Join my Fitness Friday HERE

It's Friday.  

That means it is weigh in day.  
Last week I was at 205.5.
This week, the scale showed this:

That gives me a total loss for the week of 2.2 pounds.
Would I love for that number to be higher?
Um, yeah.  Of course.

But I really need to wrap my head around the fact that a 2 pound loss is a great week!
Sometimes I just have unrealistic expectations and need to tell myself to simmer down.

So, if you are following along since I started my accountability 'Fitness Friday's' (2 weeks ago) I have now lost 3.3 pounds.  I would have loved for that number to be higher...
but Alisha, SIMMER DOWN.  
The positive is that I am lower than I've been since Valentines Day.  

This last week, I tried real hard to not indulge on sweets.  
Was I successful 100% of the time?
I would say about 87.8%.
(Yes, the 0.8% TOTALLY counts!)

How did your week shape up?
Are you were you hoped you'd be?  
Are you playing along with 'Springing for Steps' this month?  And have you tracked?
What are your plans to get through the weekend and make it to the 1/2 point of this month?

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