Friday, April 18, 2014

Fitness Friday

I'm not going to lie. I don't want to write today's post.

At all.

Last week I was so close to breaking out of the dreaded 200's and then I blew it.

And I can promise you, none of the food tasted good enough to make up for how I'm feeling today. None of the food filled the void I was looking for.

Here's the damage.

(That sound was my fist punching the wall in anger...)

This was a hard week for me. But I need to pat myself on the back a little bit as I head into the weekend. It could have been worse. This was my weight as of Wednesday. :( 

So now that I've showed the blogging world my weekly failure, here's hoping I can get my head straight with my 10 mile run tomorrow...

Update:  I've created a google doc where I am tracking my Fitness Friday weight.  Each week I'll post the link in my Friday post.  You are welcome to join me in tracking your weight week-to-week.  You can even put initials for your name if you'd like to keep it private.  (Or even put an alias.)  I left the "start date" un-dated, hoping that people will want to join in and start tracking even if they didn't start back when I did.  Join my Fitness Friday HERE


  1. Don't use the F word! It's a minor set back on your fitness journey. Learn from it and move forward. Love you!

  2. You are brave. I feel your pain. In the past few months, I have gained ~15 pounds, and I am desperate to turn this around and find my way back, just as you will. Where do I find this google doc?


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