Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday Marathon Training

How did your last week go?

Mine went according to schedule.

Monday, March 31st I was scheduled for a 30 min run.  I was worried about this run because of Saturday's crummy run.  But I actually felt really good come Monday.  I went 2.98 miles, and averaged a 10:30 mile which I haven't done in a REALLY long time.  

I bumped my second run of the week to Friday.  We were super busy trying to paint our living room and I just didn't make time for it.  Come friday, I hit the pavement for another 2.90 miles.

Saturday, according to my Jeff Galloway schedule, was a low mileage run.  I only had to go 4.5 miles.  It felt quick.  I ended up finishing with 4.65 miles by the time I looped around home.  I got out a little later than I hoped to on Saturday, but was able to finish before the rain kicked in.  This was the first run I've ever done on my own without my music.  It was strange, but nice to change it up.

For the week, with my scheduled walk day and my runs, I ended up with just shy of 13 miles.

This week I have my longest run to date scheduled.  Yikes.

Oh.  And did I mention...I decided to do something completely crazy.  I'm scheduled to do my training run on the 26th of April as a half marathon, NOW I'm also doing a half the next week too!  Groupon was having a killer deal, and Jason told me I should just jump in and do it.  So, I am.  And I hope I don't die.  Or get injured.  

I love that this 14 in 2014 is keeping me going!

Here's to another week of staying focused.....

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  1. I can't wait to see you at that race! you will rock it…I'm just hoping i don't die due to lack of training, but its a deal too good to pass up!


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