Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New challenges.

Husband home = new challenges.


I haven't been as careful.

My scale is punishing me for it.

But, it's okay.

I realize I am running, no sprinting toward my ultimate goal.  But ultimately, what I need to remind myself of is this isn't a race...it's a lifelong journey.  That means I need to stop waiting to get to my final weight.  Instead, I need to find acceptance to be where I'm at.

(And where I'm at now is a place I haven't been in YEARS!)

I realized a couple days ago just how long it's been since I've been in the 160's!  I looked at an old drivers license.  I couldn't remember the weight I listed, BUT...I did remember that when I gave them my weight it was 100% truthful!  (I know, shocker...right?)  So I checked out the weight...165.  It has literally been a decade, and now I am just a measly 4 pounds away from that!  (Give or take...)

What that also means is that my husband has never seen me smaller than I am at this point.  (And I don't feel small right now people!)

I've got a great post planned for tomorrow if I can round up what I need...so watch for it, it will be a real eye opener!  :)

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