Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Remember Yesterday?

Remember that slump I've been in?  That really emotional, horrible slump?  You know, the one I really don't want to into details about....ya, well I'm working on kicking it's butt!

Remember this plan from yesterday?

-30 min of exercise today, no if's, and's, or but's!  DONE
-Finish playing the pity game  IN PROGRESS
-Focus on making me better  IN PROGRESS
-Focus on my kids to make me better  DONE
-Drink tons of water between now and bed  DONE
-Find something to laugh about  DONE (it was more of a giggle, but I'll take it!)

Yesterday I tried to pick up the pieces scattered every where.  I think I did fairly good.  I got up, put the pity aside long enough to get the kitchen, living room, and my bedroom all clean!  Not too shabby.  

I will say that I still haven't been watching what I eat.  That's probably the reason my scale jumped up again.  But this morning I had enough of the going up!  First thing I did when I woke up...drank a ton of water and started exercising!  I kept at it for an entire hour!  And, I am planning for more this afternoon and evening.  

I realize I may sound insane.  But working out is what I am going to use to find me again.  I'm doing it for me.  Before, I thought I was doing it for other reasons.  That's when the emotional eating set in.  But now, now I realize and remember this is for ME!!

(Now, hopefully I have time to make up for the added poundage from the last 2 days before my weigh in this week.......)

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