Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Finally, a break through.

My scale is going down again.  Finally!

It's amazing how that works...
when you don't track what you're eating and you don't exercise, the scale goes up!
when you track what you eat and you DO exercise, the scale goes down.

It's MAGIC, I'll tell ya...MAGIC!  :)

I'm not down huge amounts, but down is down!  Tomorrow is weigh in.  I'm not sure if I'll be down on their scale or not.  I have yet to have an "up week" at WW, so I'm hoping I can work hard and get to where I was last week!  Tomorrow, I will let you know!

My plan for today...workout!  Lots!  I'm hoping to get 2.5 hours in at least!  Nap times are good for something!  I should probably clean my house, but that can wait...I have an important deadline!  :)

Have I mentioned...I am going on a boating trip?  Well, I probably am.  Over Labor Day.  That gives me 4 weeks to shed as much extra poundage as possible.  That means in 4's swimming suit time, again.

I can do it!  So my hope by see the 60's!  That's pretty ambitious!  But I'd love it...even if it's just 169.9 I'd be happy!  I haven't been in the 60's since BEFORE I was married!  Wouldn't that be an awesome accomplishment!?

On a side note, I found a really cool site today.  You can make your own avatar.  It lets you put in your height, weight, build, etc.  Then it shows what you "look like."  So I input my info for before (at my biggest) my current (size now) and my after (goal weight).  Here they are side by side...

 (Sorry about the quality!)

Kinda fun to see the progress from where I was to where I'm going!

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