Saturday, August 6, 2011


Have I mentioned that I enjoy waking up every morning?  I get so excited.

Why, you ask?

Because my scale keeps moving down!  This morning it shows me at 174.4!!!  How cow, that's 2 pounds down since WW on Thursday morning!  (And I haven't even worked out at all, that's going to change today though...)  Wouldn't it be awesome to hit a 5 lb loss this week!?  I haven't had that big of a loss since week 1 on WW!

Truthfully, I hope to get to 172!  The reason is because then I will officially be 50 pounds lighter than I was April 15th!  And what's even cooler...the next time I weigh in officially will be just shy of 4 months from when I had my little gigantic guy!

So, I have another 2.4 pounds to shed this week...I can do it!

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