Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Help a runner out!

I need your help friends.  I just entered a caption contest to win a free race entry into a half marathon here in Utah.  

I enlisted the help of my brilliant friends to come up with a creative one and I think I've got a good one (thanks Marcee!).

The picture and caption:
"Hands down, I'm the fastest one out here!"

Now, I am enlisting YOUR help!  I need to have the most "likes" on my caption comment.  They announce the winner next Monday (5/5) which also happens to be my birthday!  So HELLO!  This makes sense, it can be a Happy Birthday to me...right?
So PLEASE.  Take a moment and go "like" my caption and I will love you forever!

(I made it real easy and you can click "like from this picture below...)

Monday, April 28, 2014

Tulip Festival Half

Let's start off by saying that Saturday's weather = TERRIBLE.

I woke up to the sound of rain at 5:30am.  I knew I was in trouble.  I wished at that moment (for a split second) that I would be okay being a quitter.

I wasn't.

So I dressed, made my breakfast (toast, peanut butter, with a banana sliced on top) and got ready to leave.

Only, I wanted my running gloves.  And I couldn't find them ANYWHERE.  So I opted to grab hand warmers instead.  Note to future race self:  if it's scheduled to rain, find your gloves the night before.

I left the house, only to realize I left my garmin watch at home.  UGH.  So I turned back around because no runner can run without knowing their pace....right?

I arrived at Thanksgiving Point in plenty of time.  Honestly, I loved that I lived so close to this race.  It let me sleep in a little longer than most races.  I arrived at 6:30am (start time was 7:00am).  I sat in my car for about 15 min, gaining the courage to open the door to the wind and rain.  

Here I am pre-race.  Can you tell how excited I was about Mother Nature's little trick?  I had a space blanket to wrap up in, but honestly...I wished I would have had a poncho.  Or a garbage bag.  I was really, really dumb.  By the time I got to the start line (yes, the STARTING line) I was soaked.  I knew from there that it was going to be a long few hours.

As the race started, they warned us about hypothermia.  Yes, it was that chilly and wet.  

As the gun went off, I started my music and tried to get lost in in.  The first mile I felt good.  Real good.  My legs felt great.  Actually the first 3 miles were great.  I kept a good, steady pace.  There was a little bit of a climb, but nothing too bad.

By the time we hit 4 or 5 miles in, we were in the Thanksgiving Point gardens.  This was the point of the race I was excited about.  This was actually why I opted to do this race.  I had never been to the Tulip Festival but have seen pictures and heard it was beautiful and amazing.  We were able to wind all through the gardens on our run, seeing beautiful tulips like these:

The gardens are beautiful, and on a sunny day I probably would have enjoyed them even more.

I remember passing the huge waterfalls as we were getting ready to leave the gardens.  They were so pretty...this picture does them no justice.

As we left the gardens, we entered hell the golf course.

I read some other race recaps for previous years before this race.  All of the posts I read mentioned the terrible hills along the golf course.  I thought they were over exaggerating.  I thought they couldn't be THAT BAD.  

They were.

Miles 7-9 I hated.  Like full on cursing 4 letter words under my breath (and some 5 lettered ones too).  If you don't believe me, go golf Thanksgiving Point and imagine running a half marathon up those ridiculous hills!  And then imagine doing it in the POURING RAIN!

By this point in the race, I was over it.  I was so cold.  I was soaked to the bone.  There was running water coming down the hills, forming puddles at the bottom.  Yikes.

Hey.  On the positive side, several volunteers decided that I won the wet t-shirt contest.  All I kept thinking was thank goodness I wore my black sports bra.  Yikes, that could have been embarrassing...

At one point in the race, it was raining so hard that I tried to wear my glasses just so I could keep my eyes open.  Even that didn't work, the glasses kept fogging up.

Mile 8 was probably my most mentally difficult mile.  The hills were stupid.  I hated the weather.  I could see the other runners passing back on the golf course, headed to the finish line.  Blah.

At mile 10, my phone shut off.  Completely.  I lost all music and Nike+ and Runkeeper tracking.  I was bugged.  I knew it wasn't dead.  But it had gotten so wet that it powered off.  So the last 3 miles I spent music-less, in the pouring rain.  

At mile 11 I could hear the finish line announcer.  They were congratulating and awarding prizes to the ridiculously fast runners.  I hated them.  But I kept pushing.

My last mile, I have to say I was most proud of myself.  I wanted to quit.  I wanted to walk.  But I didn't.  In fact, I kicked it into high gear and it ended up being my 2nd best split time.  I was passing people left and right.  (Okay, not left and right....but I passed probably 5 people.)  By the time I turned to go into the chute I knew I was done.  I knew a hot bath awaited me!  

As I was running that last little bit, I got a little choked up.  I can think of 2 races where I've actually gotten choked up.  But I got all teary in this one.  As I reflected how terrible the weather was it reminded me of the marathon I did before (because the weather was of equal crappiness in both races).  I was proud of myself.  I was proud that I showed up for the Tulip Half in the crummy weather (many didn't!).  I was proud that I put one foot in front of another and finished!  I knew at that moment that the long journey I have ahead to lose all this weight would be one I could do because I DO HARD THINGS!  

(I crossed the finish line in just under 3 hours...2:56:54 is what my Garmin had me at and 2:59:06 is what the race chip had me at...I stopped a few times taking pictures so I'm going with my Garmin pace.  I originally hoped to be closer to the 2:45:00 mark.  And honestly, had it not been raining....and if there weren't those nasty hills I think I would have been pretty close to that pace.)

Originally Jason was planning to bring the kids to the finish line, and my mom had always been planning to come.  I knew this race would be slow for me even in the best conditions.  My pace just hasn't gotten back to what it used to be yet.  Then, when I saw it was going to be raining, I told Jason to keep the kids at home.  There was no sense in having them soaking wet.  And I told my mom to not worry about driving down either.

Well, my mom didn't listen.  And as I got close to crossing the finish line, I saw her with her camera.  (In her heavy coat, I might add...)  Thanks Mom!  As much as I told you to stay at home warm, I really loved having you there to support me.

So if this post wasn't long enough are the good and the bad from the Thanksgiving Point Tulip Half Marathon:

The BAD:  
  • clearly the rain!  and the cold!
  • And the hills!!
  • not having a hat to keep the rain out of my face
  • not having a long sleeved running shirt!  (You'll notice I had a long sleeved shirt, but it was cotton.  And it held all the water in.  All my long sleeved running shirts were too tight and I wouldn't have been comfortable running in them.  Only, I didn't realize this until late Friday night.  So I ran, looking ridiculous in my soaked...and HEAVY...shirt.)

  • The tulips were beautiful
  • The volunteers out on the course were energetic (even the little kids that had to be no older than 8 or 9 who were soaked!)
  • The oranges!!  I can't say enough about the orange slices!  They had them at several aid stations and I was in heaven!  Every race director should have oranges along the course!
  • The finish line food!!!  This race knew how to make a girl happy when she's soaking wet after the race.  They had chocolate milk, bagels, bread with jam, ice cream sandwiches (LOTS of those left...HA!), and cookies.  Ohhhhh, the cookies!  I was impressed because typically when I've ran a race at a slow pace, usually they have packed up all the food (or ran out!).  I was SO impressed with how much they had available to me.  Take note again, any future race directors!  Even the slow runners need food at the end.  So thank you to the volunteers who could have easily packed up in the rain and headed home.  Thank you for waiting it out, even for the runners who came in an hour after me!  It almost makes me want to run this race again.  Almost.
  • The medal:

I LOVED the medal they hung around my neck!  The tulip is so cute.  And what I loved even more:  The fact that they had different medals for the different races.  (There was a 5k and a kids run this same day.)  I've seen other races hand out the same medal to all participants.  But Thanksgiving Point made sure to have a medal just for the half-ers.  (Another tip race directors should learn from!)

All in all, I'm glad I ran this race.  (And I'm even more glad I'm done with it!)

Would I run it again?  .........despite all the good (and there was a lot of good!) I don't know that I would because of those nasty hills on the golf course.  (And the rain is still hazing my thoughts too.)  I won't ever say never, but it would take a lot for me to jump into this race again next year.

My advice to anyone who is thinking of running this race:  go golf Thanksgiving Point's golf course first so you know what lies ahead as you start this race.....

Friday, April 25, 2014

Fitness Friday

You know how some weeks you feel like you work and work and WORK to see the scale budge and get frustrated because it doesn't?  

That has happened to me a lot.

Thankfully this wasn't one of those weeks.

If I'm being completely honest, I fully deserved to gain this week.  My eating was in the toilet thanks to Easter and a lack of self-control.  I avoided the scale most of the week...afraid of what I was going to see.  AND...I even skipped a few runs this week just to give my hip a full rest before tomorrow.

I thought today would be U-L-G-Y.  

So you can imagine my surprise when I stepped on the scale this morning and saw this:

(For those keeping tabs on me...that is a 2.4 loss for the week!)

Now to stay focused this next week and keep moving forward, right?  Tomorrow will help.  I've got this scheduled, remember?

And of course, I checked the weather for the event...and I'm not all that thrilled.  Rain.  Wind.  Cold.  Blech.  But I will forget all that and run through the tulip fields...all 13.1 miles.

In other news, I started a new form of tracking.  Honestly, the calorie counting wasn't doing it for me anymore.  I needed a switch.  So I downloaded iTrackBites.  

It is basically Weight Watchers...only without the weekly fees.  Now.  I'm torn about this.  Because I feel the weekly fees hold me accountable.  Like if I know I have to pay to attend the meeting, it makes me a bit more conscious about what I eat.  So I wasn't sure if I would like this or not.  Today is only the second day tracking points bites and so far, I'm loving it!  

I got to thinking, the last time I started Weight Watchers it was 3 years ago (after I had Bubba).  Actually, it was 3 years ago May the 6th.  And my weight was very similar to what it is now (you can see under the My Stats at the top of my page).  So here's the plan:  duplicate what I did before and FINALLY make this happen.  

How did your week go?  Did you track your progress with us on the Fitness Friday document?  (If you aren't tracking, start today...I post the link each Friday so we can help each other achieve our goals!)  

Stay focused this next week, let's make the end of April count!!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Lake Nona Pig Run

Saturday I ran the Lake Nona Pig Run.  Race 4 out of 14 is complete.  The run itself was held in Florida, but I did the virtual option.  The run was done to raise money for the fight agains childhood cancer.  Amazingly, they raised 35,000 for this cause!!!

The run was technically a 5k.  But, I turned it in to a 10 miler.  You know, because I'm crazy like that!  Normally on my long runs, I run a course where Jason drives with me to drop off a car and then takes me to my starting point.  Then I just run to the car without thinking.  This time, I did it a little different.  I found a loop to run, but while I was running it I realized the last 4-ish miles were a steady climb uphill.  

I hate stead climbs.  I would rather have a giant hill to conquer and then have the course level out.  The steady inclines feel like they are never going to end...

I originally planned to do the run in the morning, like I do all my long runs.  Only, I couldn't.  So it became an afternoon run....I HATE afternoon runs.  I feel so much better first thing in the morning.  I like it to be cooler, and mostly I just hate sitting around thinking (or dreading) my long run for the day.  I was worried I'd back out and make some excuse.  But I didn't.  

I set out slow on this run on purpose.  I was trying to follow a set pace each mile.  (I even wrote the times on my arm so I could check my pace as I was in my run.)  The first 5 miles this worked perfectly!  Each mile I was getting faster and faster just as I wanted.  Then the steady incline came and I threw my expected times out the window.  I realized I just needed to finish.  I secretly hoped to finish in under 2 hours.  (which would have been a 12min/mile pace)  I finished just over that (2:07:33).  

I am posting this picture, but just know I hate it.  I see all my flaws.  I have picked it apart up and down.  But because I'm the queen of never taking pictures of myself when I'm heavy...I'm trying to change.  I need to have something to be able to compare back to as I continue to progress.

The medal itself is so cute!  I loved the little piggy...and if I'm being honest, it's this pig bling that was the reason I signed up for the race.  

After this virtual race I was sore.  My hips ACHED.  But I took it easy afterwards and now I'm feeling 100% and ready for my half this Saturday.  (At least I was feeling ready until I saw the weather forecast....cold, and rainy.  Ugh.)

Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday Marathon Update

This morning I was watching the live stream of the Boston Marathon. I watched as Meb crossed the finish line.


And then I read this on Facebook and got a little depressed...

2 HOURS, 8 MINUTES?! Seriously?

Why is that depressing, you might ask? 

Because Saturday I went a whole stinking 10 miles in the same time he ran 26.2. 

Talk about perspective.

Dear Meb,
While I'm very impressed with your race I kind of hate you. (In a good way, of course.) Because who honestly runs that fast? 

I think you might have cheated. Were you wearing wheelies? (You know, the sneakers with wheels in them.) 

I just can't even wrap my head around a pace like that. I was just hoping to improve to the 10 min/mile pace before my marathon this fall. But hey, thanks for setting that bar so high. It's clear that there will ALWAYS be someone faster than me. 

In all sincerity, I do mean my congratulations. And you can bet that I'll be rolling my eyes as I run my half this next weekend when it takes me longer to go 13.1 miles than it did for you to run 26.2.

A 12:30 min/mile average girl

Friday, April 18, 2014

Fitness Friday

I'm not going to lie. I don't want to write today's post.

At all.

Last week I was so close to breaking out of the dreaded 200's and then I blew it.

And I can promise you, none of the food tasted good enough to make up for how I'm feeling today. None of the food filled the void I was looking for.

Here's the damage.

(That sound was my fist punching the wall in anger...)

This was a hard week for me. But I need to pat myself on the back a little bit as I head into the weekend. It could have been worse. This was my weight as of Wednesday. :( 

So now that I've showed the blogging world my weekly failure, here's hoping I can get my head straight with my 10 mile run tomorrow...

Update:  I've created a google doc where I am tracking my Fitness Friday weight.  Each week I'll post the link in my Friday post.  You are welcome to join me in tracking your weight week-to-week.  You can even put initials for your name if you'd like to keep it private.  (Or even put an alias.)  I left the "start date" un-dated, hoping that people will want to join in and start tracking even if they didn't start back when I did.  Join my Fitness Friday HERE

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Eating My Feelings

Yep, this has been me for the last 3 or 4 days.
I'm not even going to pretend.
It hasn't been pretty.
I think the only thing I haven't eaten is the dog food...

My emotions have been whack-a-doodle for this week.
Some because of stuff happening.
Some because of frustrations about things not happening.

Rather than face things, I've jumped head first into all things delicious bad.

I finally stepped on the scale to face the music. 
It was bad.
Like I can't even post it today because I'm too embarrassed.

But.  I've promised to stay accountable.
So tomorrow, come good or bad, Fitness Friday will be happening.

But I'm going to be drinking an entire lake of water today 
and drinking green smoothies in hopes of doing some damage control.

What should this tell you?
I'm more human than I wish I were. 
Because once again, my knees hurt from falling down.
Taking 4 steps forward is frustrating when the next moment 
you are taking 302942039482039 steps backward.

Please excuse me, I've got to force myself out the door for a run.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday Marathon Training

Monday has come again, how did you do last week with your steps?  Remember, we are Springing for Steps this month...have you tracked all of yours yet?

This last week was pretty good for me.  And by pretty good, I mean I FINALLY made it back to the top of the FitBit leaderboard!!!

I've been competing against some tough, tough competitors!  And truth be told, I had to snap this picture early Sunday morning to catch myself in first place.  

As far as my training went...

Monday:  I opted to walk Monday with Jason.  We got in a good 2 mile walk.

Tuesday:  I knew I needed to run Tuesday since I skipped it on Monday.  I set out (with the DOUBLE JOGGER....ICK!) and went just over 2.5 miles.  It wasn't the easiest or best 30 min run, but I got it done.  (And have I mentioned, Connor LOVES our runs.  He gets so excited anytime he sees me in my running clothes, lacing up my shoes.)

Tuesday night:  Jason and I also went out for a walk with the kids.  We went 2.85 miles and I really enjoyed it.  

Wednesday:  This was another walk day, got 3.31 miles in.  

Thursday:  Because I bumped my run to Tuesday, it meant I was set to run again Thursday.  I went 2.7 miles (again with the stroller) and loved the weather!

Friday:  nada.  I opted to rest my legs for my long run.

Saturday:  9 miles!  I wanted to start this run early, I had a lot to do Saturday.  I got out a little later than I hoped, but was on the trail running by 9am.  The weather was perfect when I started.  Overcast, almost looking like it was going to rain.  (But it didn't.)  I knew I'd be out there for a while, so I opted to wear a tank.  This was my first tank top run of the season here in Utah...HOORAY!  

As I started, I knew I needed to pace myself.  I have a tendency to start my long runs off too fast.  I'm really trying to get the whole negative split thing down.  I want to be able to pace myself on long runs (and race runs) to start off slow so I can finish stronger.  But, that didn't happen.  I still started off too fast because when I came home each mile split got slower and slower after the 3rd mile.  

That being said, the run itself wasn't bad.  In fact, there was a race being held along the river trail I was running.  It was fun to see and cheer along all the runners.  It made me really appreciate this sport.  Runners are so friendly with each other.  When I'm running and pass another runner going in the opposite direction I always receive encouragement.  It's amazing!  Even when I get passed by a runner going in my same direction, they always seem to have some kind of uplifting words to share with me.  While running might be an individual thing, you are never alone in running.  It's like a club, once you've joined you get lifted up by all those around you.

Can you tell I love running?

Which is weird.  Really weird.  Because I never used to like it!

(rant over.)

So last week I was able to total my miles and felt really good about it.  
I ended up with 24.4 miles for the week!

It's crazy to think how far I've come just in the last month with my body...but even more with my mind!  This journey is SO mental.  And for a long time I dreaded every step I had to take along it.  Sometimes I still do.  But I can say it's gotten easier with each day that passes that I stay focused.  I am making this happen.  I don't know when I'll get to where I want to be, but it will happen...

Friday, April 11, 2014

Fitness Friday

Update:  I've created a google doc where I am tracking my Fitness Friday weight.  Each week I'll post the link in my Friday post.  You are welcome to join me in tracking your weight week-to-week.  You can even put initials for your name if you'd like to keep it private.  (Or even put an alias.)  I left the "start date" un-dated, hoping that people will want to join in and start tracking even if they didn't start back when I did.  Join my Fitness Friday HERE

It's Friday.  

That means it is weigh in day.  
Last week I was at 205.5.
This week, the scale showed this:

That gives me a total loss for the week of 2.2 pounds.
Would I love for that number to be higher?
Um, yeah.  Of course.

But I really need to wrap my head around the fact that a 2 pound loss is a great week!
Sometimes I just have unrealistic expectations and need to tell myself to simmer down.

So, if you are following along since I started my accountability 'Fitness Friday's' (2 weeks ago) I have now lost 3.3 pounds.  I would have loved for that number to be higher...
but Alisha, SIMMER DOWN.  
The positive is that I am lower than I've been since Valentines Day.  

This last week, I tried real hard to not indulge on sweets.  
Was I successful 100% of the time?
I would say about 87.8%.
(Yes, the 0.8% TOTALLY counts!)

How did your week shape up?
Are you were you hoped you'd be?  
Are you playing along with 'Springing for Steps' this month?  And have you tracked?
What are your plans to get through the weekend and make it to the 1/2 point of this month?

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Roll Call!

How is this months challenge shaping up for you??

Springing for Steps is in full gear and I'm excited to watch all of you track your miles.
I just updated mine for the month so far...have you?


It's not too late to join us if you haven't already, sign up and commit to making April great!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday Marathon Training

How did your last week go?

Mine went according to schedule.

Monday, March 31st I was scheduled for a 30 min run.  I was worried about this run because of Saturday's crummy run.  But I actually felt really good come Monday.  I went 2.98 miles, and averaged a 10:30 mile which I haven't done in a REALLY long time.  

I bumped my second run of the week to Friday.  We were super busy trying to paint our living room and I just didn't make time for it.  Come friday, I hit the pavement for another 2.90 miles.

Saturday, according to my Jeff Galloway schedule, was a low mileage run.  I only had to go 4.5 miles.  It felt quick.  I ended up finishing with 4.65 miles by the time I looped around home.  I got out a little later than I hoped to on Saturday, but was able to finish before the rain kicked in.  This was the first run I've ever done on my own without my music.  It was strange, but nice to change it up.

For the week, with my scheduled walk day and my runs, I ended up with just shy of 13 miles.

This week I have my longest run to date scheduled.  Yikes.

Oh.  And did I mention...I decided to do something completely crazy.  I'm scheduled to do my training run on the 26th of April as a half marathon, NOW I'm also doing a half the next week too!  Groupon was having a killer deal, and Jason told me I should just jump in and do it.  So, I am.  And I hope I don't die.  Or get injured.  

I love that this 14 in 2014 is keeping me going!

Here's to another week of staying focused.....

Friday, April 4, 2014

Fitness Friday Fail?

Let me start by saying I was doing SO GOOD all week long.  I hadn't eaten out.  I avoided treats.  I made sure to get my veggies in!  By Monday I was down to 203.3.  That was the lowest I have seen Since Valentines Day.  I was proud.  And excited.

And then.  I got busy.

We are finishing up a room remodel and I've been focused almost completely on it.  My house is torn apart.  I'm just trying to get it finished so I can restore some order.  However, I had done good all week.  I cooked dinner every single night.  And then yesterday happened.  It was bad.  How bad?  Well, I'm all about here it goes.  Kneaders French Toast for breakfast, 2 deep dish slices of pizza for lunch, a cookie from Slurp, a jacked diet coke from Slurp, 1/2 Key Lime shake from JCW's.  Oh, and then there was a donut.  And if that wasn't enough....after the kids went to bed, I had to run to Walmart and pick up cereal and milk and saw this:

When I say I am addicted to this flavor of ice cream, I'm not even exaggerating.  My local Smith's used to carry it, then they stopped.  I hated them.  (But also, I secretly loved them because the temptation was gone.)  Now, all of the sudden, Walmart is carrying it.  I was weak and I didn't say no.

I got home late.  I finished my steps for the day.  And yes, then I pulled out the spoon and dove in head first and never looked back.

Let's just say I'm embarrassed.  And sick.  After a week of almost perfect tummy HATES me today!  But I tracked every last bite of every disgustingly delicious thing I ate.  

Today, I didn't want to run.  AT ALL.  I was afraid to step on the scale.  (I mean, wouldn't you be after all that!?)  I knew if I didn't run BEFORE stepping on the scale, today would spiral out of control like yesterday.  So, I ran.  And actually felt pretty strong.  Then, I came home to face the ugly music.

Not as bad as it could have been.  Frustrating...because that number should be lower today.  But I am still down from a week ago, so my fail from yesterday was still a win.  But I'm not patting myself on the back too much.  

I need to stay focused.  No running will ever compensate for a bad diet.  

How did this week go for you?  Did you fall down like I did?  If so, stand back up TODAY...RIGHT NOW.  Turn the other direction and lets see where we can be by next Friday!  It's hard, it can be ugly, it's frustrating.  But what worthwhile goal isn't?  If it was easy, everyone would do it...

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

St. Paddys Race

Back on St. Patricks Day, I ran my very first virtual race.  I wasn't sure what to expect.  But I knew I needed to add some virtual races to get all my 14 races in this year.  This race was done by Fib, Fab, and Lean.  Basically, I signed up then printed my bib for race day.  

With the virtual races, typically you have a range of dates that you can complete your race in.  I had a 3 mile run scheduled for the 17th, so I opted to make that my race day and do a little more to hit the 5k.  

The route I ran was one I had run before.  It started with a long incline of a hill.  But the second half was mostly all downhill.  I wasn't pushing myself, just wanted a comfortable run.  The weather was a bit overcast (as you can see from the picture above).  But I loved the route I ran, because as I turn and come down the hill toward the end of the run I get to see a view that is incredible!  There, in the distance is Mt. Timp and Utah Lake.  Each time I run and see this view, it makes me so grateful for where I live...for what my body can do!

I finished the race in 36:57 (11:48 min/mile pace).  Definitely not my fastest 5k, but I was pleased.  You see, I'm doing this to better myself.  And by getting out there and getting it done, I'm making the progress.

After the race I was mailed this awesome bling.  Normally, they send the bling out to arrive the week you are racing.  However, they had some quality issues with the original race medals and had to have them remade.  I just received my bling last week.

All in all, I was very impressed with Fit, Fab, and Lean's race.  I will be doing another race with them the end of May (only this time it will be a 1/2 marathon).  If you are looking for a virtual race, I suggest giving them a try!  They have a virtual race every single month.  The medals are GREAT quality, the race fees all go toward a charity.  It's a great cause if you're like me and like to run for bling!

(I was in no way sponsored by Fit, Fab, and Lean for this post.  Actually, they have no idea I'm even writing it.  I paid for my race entry, and all opinions are my own.)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Springing for Steps!

So all throughout March, I've been tracking my miles.  I wanted to focus on putting in the activity.  Yesterday was the last day of March, and I tracked my last #MarchingForMiles.

Can I just say, I was kind of impressed with myself, 57 miles in March.  If you look at the picture above, you'll notice my activity has double each and every month since January.  Not too shabby!

I have decided to continue tracking, and have made a little spreadsheet on Google Docs in case anyone wants to push themselves this month.  I will be referencing the sheet weekly, reminding people to track their activity.

You might be asking, what activity is acceptable to track?  ANY.  I did this last month, and some people tracked every step they took all month long and logged that.  Others tracked swimming and biking miles.  Some tracked only running or walking.

It is 100% up to you.  The key:  decide how many miles you'll go....then get to work!

While I think it would be awesome to double my mileage again this month...alas, my training does not have me doing that.  So based on what I'm scheduled to stick with for my training, I'm committing to 75 miles.

I would love for you to join with me!  Click HERE and it will take you to the spreadsheet.  You can put your initials...or your real name...or just your first name.

I promise, it will put a spring in your step.  Don't forget to use the hashtag #SpringingForSteps so I can cheer you all along!!!

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