Thursday, December 27, 2012


So with the new year quickly approaching it's a perfect time to re-evaluate.  Over the next few days I plan to really take a hard look at my plans for this next year.  I plan to evaluate what is doable for me.  A lot of changes lie ahead, and some big announcements are to come.... (yes, I'm gonna leave you hanging and tease just a bit.)

Am I where I wanted to be?  No.  Have I given up?  Not even close.  Life is full of ups and downs.  

So my challenge is for you to evaluate where you are at today.  Where were you last year at this point? Maybe you got where you wanted to be over the course of this past year....maybe you didn't.  My advice:  stop living in the past either way!  You see, either way it's time to keep pushing forward.  It's time to focus on what is ahead.  Whether that is maintaining, or losing, or something different entirely!  

Evaluate who you are right now, and DECIDE who you WILL be in 2013!  Let's all do some serious internal evaluations and be ready to share January 1st.....

And of course, don't forget to vote for my blog in the Healthiest Blogs of 2012 contest!  I am playing with some real big-timers.  There are blogs that have THOUSANDS of followers, others have been featured in USA Today.  Then, there is little Alisha.  But I'm hanging with the top dawgs right now.  I'm just a few votes shy of 5th place!  (And just 60 out of FIRST!)  Can you believe that?  I know I can't!  But I am so appreciative of EVERY LAST VOTE placed for me!  Thank you!
best health blogs 2012

Last thing:  I just signed up for a Twitter account today (I'm new to tweeting) and a new FB page.  Feel free to follow me there.  The buttons are up and to the left...

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